10 DO’s and DON’Ts while buying new car insurance this new year

Couple Buying New Car


When you set out to buy a new vehicle insurance plan this year, you need to be equipped with a good guide. If you are not sure about the car insurance Dos and DON’Ts, don’t worry! We are here to help you out. Just take a look at this article to know all the things that you should do and the ones that you should avoid when buying a brand new car insurance policy this new year.


Guide to buying the best car insurance plan this new year


1. DO your research: You need to start off by doing a bit of research work. Look for the different types of car insurance available. Assess your own requirements and then find a suitable plan. This will help you to cover your vehicle in the best possible manner.

2. DON’T look for the cheapest plan: When you buy a new plan or renew car insurance online, do not look for the cheapest option. You definitely need to find an economical car insurance cover, but the price tag should never be the only factor on which you base your selection. the cheapest plan may not suit you.

3. DO compare: You can easily buy a motor insurance policy. However, before you do that, you must compare your options. This step can be completed online itself in a few minutes, without too many issues. So, do remember to run a quick comparison before you buy a new vehicle insurance plan this new year.

4. DON’T overlook the terms and conditions: In your hurry to buy a car plan, you may skip over the terms and conditions of the policy. Never make this mistake. Take a few minutes to go over the terms and conditions and understand how the cover works. This will help you in the long run.

5. DO use the online tools: You can use many handy online tools such as the premium calculator, etc. Make full use of these tools when you shop for car insurance online.

6. DON’T fall for biased sale tactics: Always look to buy car insurance online. You can then make an unbiased choice. Sadly, many offline insurance agents might push specific plans in a biased manner to you. Stay away from these tactics and find your ideal cover independently.

7. DO look for riders: Riders are essential components of all car insurance plans. You can customize your plan with the help of these riders. So, explore the riders available to you and look for the most useful ones.

8. DON’T overlook the exclusions: Are you aware of the car insurance exclusions? In all probability, you aren’t. Don’t ignore the exclusions when you buy car insurance online. Read them properly so that you aren’t left disappointed when you make a claim later on.

9. DO calculate the premium properly: The car insurance premium is affected by many factors such as the deductible, NCB and IDV. Do calculate the premium accurately before you buy a vehicle insurance plan. Any incorrect calculations here can cause many issues during the policy period.

10. DON’T forget the renewal date: It is vital for you to renew your car insurance plan on time. Never miss the renewal date and allow the policy to lapse. Renew car insurance online and stay covered at all times.


The bottom line


As you saw, these are some very basic yet logical things for you to follow. Keep these guidelines in mind. You will then surely find a lot of good options to choose from when you set out to buy a new car insurance plan this new year.