8 factors to consider before buying an add-on cover for your car insurance


When you buy a car insurance plan, there are some very important factors that you must keep in mind. Among them is the need to buy riders. Riders are nothing but add-on covers that offer extra protection. You can buy these add-on covers at an added cost. They are very helpful indeed. However, you must take a few points into consideration before you make a purchase. Take a look at this article to know more.


Factors to consider before you buy car insurance riders


1. Understand what each rider delivers: You first have to understand what each rider offers. Take a look at the most common car insurance add-on covers and select the ones you need:

· Zero depreciation car insurance rider: The zero depreciation car insurance rider makes sure that the depreciation factor doesn’t come in the picture while settling claims. It keeps the value of the car intact over the years.

· Roadside assistance rider: The insurance provider promises to send a mechanic or a towing vehicle to your aid if your car breaks down in the middle of the road. This assistance is available round the clock.

· Engine protection: As the name suggests, this rider protects your vehicle’s engine from water damages, mechanical faults, etc.

· NCB protection: This is another handy rider that keeps your No Claim Bonus intact even if you are forced to make a car insurance claim.

These are some of the most common riders to choose from. Understand what benefit each rider has to offer. This will make it easier for you to make a selection.

2. Choose wisely: You need to be wise when choosing the riders. You will definitely not need every single rider. Assess the capacities of each add-on cover and select the ones that would serve you well.

3. Compare the costs: Just like you compare car insurance online, do compare the riders too. Compare the riders offered by the different insurers. See which company has the best rates, and make your purchase accordingly.

4. Assess the basic cover: When you buy car insurance online, do assess the basic features of the cover. If you feel they are good enough and comprehensive, you may not even need a rider.

5. Check the details properly: Read between the lines and see exactly what is on offer. If you feel the riders don’t deliver appropriately, reconsider your decision to buy them.

6. Rider renewals: An online car insurance renewal is an easy thing to do. The same should hold true for the add-on covers. Your insurer must be accommodative enough to allow you to renew your riders too when you opt for an online car insurance renewal. However, renew only those that are still productive.

7. Look for reviews: If you are a rookie and have very little knowledge about the add-on car insurance cover, do look for reviews. There are many reviews and ratings available online. Reading these will give you a better idea about the riders and help you in making a proper choice.

8. Look for discounts and offers: Just like you look for discounts and deals when you buy car insurance online, do the same for your rider purchases too. Research to find an attractive deal.




Car insurance add-on covers are handy. However, you will only get the best value when you make the purchase properly. So, keep all the points mentioned above in mind and choose your riders carefully and wisely. Make sure to renew your vehicle’s insurance policy on time, every time. An expired policy is an invalid policy.