Documents to carry in your car and their Importance


According to The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 it is mandatory that a person driving a private car should carry a set of documents. The driver should immediately show any of these documents when demanded by the officials. This set consists of the driving license of the person driving the car, car registration details i.e. registration certificate, pollution under control certificate and the insurance policy of the car. Let’s take a look at the importance of each of these documents.

Importance of a Registration Certificate

A registration certificate of a vehicle is a proof that the vehicle has been registered at the Regional Transport Office (RTO office) and that the vehicle complies with the rules of the land. At the time of this process, a respective rto registration number is also allocated to the car. One needs to display this number on the front and at the back of the vehicle. During this process, a registration card is also issued which contains the vehicle registration details along with the vehicle owner details.

Importance of a Driving License

A driving license is probably one of the most important documents that a driver is supposed to carry while driving. It authorizes a person to legally drive a vehicle as per the category of the license. Nowadays, a driving license comes in the form of a smart card which contains a small metallic chip. This chip stores the driver’s details like his/her biometric information. Apart from the chip, a smart card driving license also contains the photograph of the driver, class of vehicle that the person is allowed to drive, the validity of the license and other details.

Importance of Car Insurance

Car insurance protects a person financially in case of accidents. It is mandatory to buy insurance for any type of vehicle you own in India. There are two types of car insurance policies – Third-party liability policy and Comprehensive Car insurance policy.

As the name suggests, a third-party policy will help you compensate the losses suffered by the third party due to your car. Apart from the compensation for the third party, it also covers the owner/driver of the insured car. On the other hand, a comprehensive policy covers damages to the insured car also by offering third-party coverage. One can also customize a comprehensive car insurance policy with the help of Add-ons as per requirements.

Importance of a Pollution Under Control Certificate

It is mandatory for every vehicle to undergo a periodic check in order to meet the standard pollution requirements. After this test is successful, you will be issued a Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate. As the name suggests PUC certificate confirms that the emissions passed from the vehicles do not pollute the environment. A PUC certificate is important keeping in mind the exponential growth of vehicle population on the Indian Roads. Harmful gases like carbon dioxide emitted from a vehicle contribute to air pollution and ultimately to global warming.

How to buy car insurance?

Every car owner is supposed to buy car insurance as it is mandatory by Indian law. Buying a car insurance policy online will be a convenient way as compared to buying it offline. All you have to do is visit the insurer’s website, select the car insurance plans, and make payment.

The Bottom Line

Abiding by the law is important to ensure the safety of everyone, along with your own self. Carrying relevant documents, maintaining lane discipline, driving as per the speed limits and following traffic signals are some of the things a driver should always be careful of.