What makes online car insurance a clear winner?

Online Car Insurance

Buying a car is a big decision; investing in car insurance is a wise step. Car insurance provides ease of travel with roadside assistance and cashless garages. Smart people have vehicle insurance from the best car insurance providers in India. Yes, with a number of insurers available in the market, it is better to check their whereabouts online, compare them and chose the most suitable for you. This saves much time visiting any branch or waiting for an agent. Moreover, with smartphonesbecoming a household affair, getting an insurance policy is just a click away.

Let’s have a quick look at how buying car insurance online can benefit all.

1.  Competitive Prices:As the internet is a common platform to display offerings of insurance companies, almost all the car insurers have now gone online. This, in turn, benefits the users by enabling them to chooseexactly as per their needs. More the competition more the competitive prices on display.

2. No intermediaries: With online insurance, companies can contact the customers directly hence ruling out the scope of middlemen to interfere and earn a commission. In the absence of any such intermediary, customers find it easier to focus and keep a centric approach while choosing the best car insurance.

3. Ratings & Reviews:Genuine reviews and ratings affect the mindset of the customers significantly. Feedback from existing and previous customers help prospective leads appreciably in deciding on the best insurance company.

4. Comparison Matrix: This important feature allows you to choose the best of the plans to secure your vehicle. The matrix lets you compare insurance policies with various parameters like benefits, renewal, returns, claims and so forthbefore finalising the best car insurance for your car. The toughest part of comparing the information available on a piece of paper is now tad easier, thanks to online tools.

5. Be informed: Insurance providers keep you informed of the new policies and updates in the existing ones through emails, and other means. You just need to subscribe and set reminder to their daily feeds. Even if you forget to keep track of the new policies available in the market, these subscribed services help you keep pace with the same. Moreover, the insurers also make sure to keep you informed about all the aspects related to your purchased policy at regular intervals.

6. Round the clock customer service: The insurance portals have 24 x 7 toll-free customer services that help address any issues anytime. A chatbot installed on the portals promptly answers all your questions. With high technology systems working to ensure maximum customer engagement, insurers also find it easier to connect with their customer base and attend to their requirements.

7. Secured payment gateway:Making payments via the internet has become safe and sound because of the secured payment gateways. You can automate all the transactions and transfers by linking the bank account to the insurance company thereby simplifying your life. With advanced encryption and upscale security measures, you can remain rest assured of your money going to the right channel.

8. Go Paperless: You can just scan and save your valuable documents like PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voting Card and so forthon your device. It is easy to upload every document with a single click, whenever required. This also helps you to contribute to the eco-friendly environment and avoids getting insurance documents piled up one over another in the dust-filled files. Whenever you want to check your policy update, you can simply open your account on the insurer’s portal and proceed.


With the availability ofthe internet, buying car insurance online is as easy as it can get. There is no need for manual work like filling the forms, cancellations, rewriting, standing in long queues for submission, forgetting important dates of paying premiums and many more tiresome jobs. You simply need knowledge about the best insurance practices and a basicknow-how of operating internet. Buying car insurance is a wise move,and if you do so online, you gain even more. Indeed, online car insurance is the need of the hour. Choosing online car insurance saves ourtime and makes it a more informed decision. Drive smart with your car insurance.