Why Should You Renew Your Driving License?


Car and bike enthusiasts are excited to get their driving license. It is literally a license to drive. All those years of waiting to get behind that steering wheel or rev up the bike finally come to an end as a driving license is an official document that legally enables a person to drive a vehicle. With a valid driving license, one need not worry of driving illegally as driving without a valid driving license is a violation. Read ahead to know the importance of a valid driving license and timely driving license renewal.

Importance of Driving License

A driving license (DL) is a crucial document if you have to drive on Indian roads. This license is given after successfully undergoing a driving test. Once you pass the test, you are officially allowed to drive a vehicle and the driving license is a document that substantiates that point.

Once you are given a valid driving license, you are permitted to drive a vehicle without any legal hassles. An expired driving license is perceived as not having a driving license. Thus, timely driving license renewal is extremely important.

What Does the Law State?

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that it is mandatory to hold a valid driving license to drive or ride a vehicle in India. Penalties are imposed if this requirement is not met. A driving license is a document issued by the government. It states the type of a vehicle a person is licensed to drive. The expiry date is also stated on the driving license along with the holder’s address. You need to ensure to opt for timely DL renewal to keep driving without violating the law.

A driving license can be renewed by visiting the local Regional Transport Office (RTO). The following documents need to be submitted for DL renewal.

  • Application form (Form number 9)
  • Medical certificate (Form number 1 and 1A)
  • Driving license (Expired)
  • Two Photographs (Passport-sized)
  • Age proof
  • Residential address proof

The above documents as well as a Driver Refresher Training Certificate is also needed to renew a driving license of a commercial vehicle. These documents need to be submitted along with the renewal fees.

Change in Address

A driving license is also a valid address proof. The residential address needs to be conveyed to the RTO. If there is a change in the address, the RTO needs to be notified at that time as well. The new address needs to be updated on the driving license in 30 days of you changing your address.

The changes in the driving license can be made by visiting the RTO that issued the driving license or the nearest one. If a person is moving to a different Indian state, then that person needs to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the RTO that issued the original driving license.

Going for a Smart Card

If you have received your driving license years ago, chances are that you do not have the latest type of driving license. It is similar to a debit card in appearance, and is a Smart Card. While renewing your driving license, you might want to consider converting your conventional book-based driving license to a Smart Card driving license. Most of the RTOs have shifted to this new format. The Smart Card has the applicant’s biometric information stored in it. It has designed to stay durable as compared to the old-school book-type driving license.

A driving license is usually issued for twenty years. Keep a track of the expiry date of your driving license and ensure to renew it few days before the expiry date to avoid last-minute hassles.