5 Home Projects You Can Do with the kids

When you own a home, there are often many different repairs and projects to complete around the house to keep everything in good working condition. From leaky faucets to caulking cracks or holes, there are several repairs and maintenance steps to take throughout the year. If you want to spend more time with your kids while working on the house, there are a few projects you can do together as a family.

Paint the Walls

According to news.urbansitter.com, kids can help paint the walls when you want to give the interior setting a makeover or are ready to change your decor style. They’ll learn how to apply undercoats and use different types of brushes to create a finished look. Kids can choose the paint color for their room, which can allow them to enjoy seeing the final product.

Redo the Interior Finishes and the Deck

When it comes to flooring and interior finishes, it can be hard to include the kids in a project like that from a practical perspective. It’s great to include them in the design phase, but you’ll typically want to consult a professional when it comes to the actual finish selection and installation of your new interior floors.

On the other hand, turning toward the exterior, building a new deck with your family can help to to enhance the appeal of your home and make it easy to spend more time in the backyard. You can build a custom deck that can be used for entertaining and will teach your children how to measure correctly. Make it a point to ask their opinion about the style of railing that you should include or the color of stain to apply to include them in the process.

Clean Out the Attic

One of the biggest pains for homeowners is the constant disarray in which the attic is left. Whether it’s being used as a place for storage of christmas decorations, or is simply a mess with even animals potentially burrowing in up there, it can be a real pain to keep up with. An attic cleanup is certainly something that you can do yourself if you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Getting up there and closing up any thermal leaks (holes to the exterior) you may have, redoing your insulation, and even adding in a new subfloor can go a long way towards its improvement. Luckily if that sounds like something you’re not too keen on doing yourself, there are attic service professionals out there who are happy to oblige and jump right in with anything you may need.

Upgrade your Closets

Whether it’s a simple trip to Home Depot for some new storage options or a complete and total renovation of a custom walk-in closet, upgrading the closets in your home can range from an easy project to a super intricate one. In the former example, it’s great to include the kids and have them come up with some fun new ideas for how to arrange things.

Plant a New Garden

It can be easy for flowers and plants to begin to die off or wilt in each season, making it important to revamp your hard. Recruit your kids to help plant new flowers after picking out their favorite types at a local home improvement store. You can also choose a few pots to put on the front porch.

According to mamiverse.com, you can also bring your garden inside by creating a vertical succulent garden that becomes a work of art in the home. The kids can help to arrange the plants and help to maintain it by watering it each week once it’s completed.