The Key to Your Outdoor Oasis: The Right Flooring

Do you wish to build an outdoor oasis? Or, maybe, complete your patio? Outdoor flooring beautifies your space and plays a crucial role in defining your outdoor living area. Your outdoor flooring will be exposed to the elements at all times, so make sure to pick a material that is resistant to moisture, weather resistant and easy to clean.

Here are some of the many options for outdoor flooring:

Interlocking Pavers

If you want to install a surface on your own, then interlocking pavers may be a good choice. They are easy to clean and are built for the outdoors, so they will not easily crack, splinter, or rot.


Wood is the traditional and most popular choice for deck surfaces. It is durable and if you wish to make a statement with your deck, wood will give you an option to give a striking finish. Whenever you are choosing the wood for your deck, make sure you take notice of pressure treated woods that normally have warranties available against decay and termites. Furthermore, varied grain patterns and grades will provide you many options to choose from for your deck. Manufacturers and builders will construct a custom fit deck for you and leave you with a seamless outdoor extension of your home.

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete has the look of flooring that is put together from many pieces. It can be made to appear like a variation of surfaces such as stone, brick, and even timber. It is durable and is convenient to maintain as it can be hosed down or pressure washed.


Ceramic or porcelain tiles make quite an impression when used in your outdoor areas. Tiles bring on an eye-catching appeal that travels from the core of your house to the outside. While choosing a tile, be sure that they are frost resistant and capable of withstanding a huge amount moisture. Furthermore, make sure the grout you use is weather resistant as well. It is a good idea to use textured or slip resistant tile to avoid slipping.

Panels, wood, tiles and stamped concrete are only a few of the options available for your outdoor flooring. There are many colours and texture selections on the market to choose from, so you can pick the exact layout to complete your outdoor oasis.

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