Types of Banner Stands – Learn the Difference

Banners are undoubtedly the most reasonable and effective mode of advertisement. To support banners, there are several types of banner stands available which support and display the vinyl banners in a perfect way. All the stands have the same function of supporting the banners, but the variety of them offers suitability according to different needs.

Some of the different types of banner stands are as follows:

1. Retractable

Retractable stands, also knows has roll up banner stands are high quality stands. They are considered all in one and give a good look as a whole. It is portable and thus, more convenient to use. The banner is printed and installed in a retractable unit. When ordering one, you should also expect a case for easy portability.

They are simple to use and are possibly the easiest and most convenient stands one can own. Thus, due to these factors, these stands have gained popularity among retail stores and trade show professionals. The retractability of such stands is due to a loaded spring mechanism. In high end models, a more advanced mechanism is used for retracting. Both these mechanisms allow the banner to be pulled up from the stand like a window shade is pulled down. After it is completely pulled up, the head rail attached to the support rail at the top and the complete display is visible.

Retractable stands are available in different styles and models, such as the ones containing double sided banners, motorized scrolling, etc.

1. L and X

Both L and X banners are portable and are provided with their own carrying cases. These stands differ from others in the shape they make at the back of the banner. The back of the X stand is an ‘X’ shape and that of the L stand is an ‘L’ shape.

X stands are the least expensive type of stands. They are light in weight and are effective in holding the banners taut. There are two hubs which hold flexible arms. These arms form the X shape, due to which this type of stand has got its name. The arms create tension and using grommet attachment, the arms hold the banner tight with the corners.

1. Portable

These stands are the most convenient to carry as they can be folded up and carried in a case. They are also very lightweight.

Portable stands are available in two types, namely telescopic and tension back. Telescopic stands are very useful as they can create variable height and can be used for different sized banners. The banners can also be easily taken out and replaced. They are available in a number of designs and are comparatively cheaper than the retractable ones.

The above discussed stand kinds are the most popular and widely used ones. They are suitable for both high and low cost range. They can be customized as per the budget and are the most economical options available. Choosing the right stand for banners according to the event or occasion can be a very effective tool in advertising.

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