Performance Exhaust Muffler-Aftermarket Muffler Fitments

A vehicle is composed of numerous complex parts, which again consists of various other complicated parts. Brake system, electric system, exhaust system, steering system and the engine system are some of the examples of complicated system that is found inside the car. While, there are several parts that we know about, we do not know about most of the parts which helps towards making a successful automobile. Not all of us can be automobile experts, and it is really hard to learn all about automobile in a fortnight, mainly the smaller systems available in the automobile. However, it is really important that if you own a car, you should know about some of the most important systems in your car. Learning about some of the systems is important for the fact that, you can operate your car well, having known all the facts about them. Exhaust System and Lighting system are two such systems that you should be familiar with, if you own a car. These two systems tend to go bad quite often, and needs to be repaired quite frequently.

Lighting system comprises of all the lighting devices which are mounted on each side of the vehicle. The lighting system includes the headlamps which are fitted on the front of a car, the rear lights, also called the tail lights on the rear of the vehicle, the side markers on the two sides of the car and also the subtle lighting that is provided inside the car. Each of these items, which comprises of the lighting system, does something and provides towards the safety of the car. For instance, the headlight of the car ensures safety of the car, by illuminating the road ahead in the low light situations such as in rain, dense fog, darkness or twilight. The rear lights help the other drivers know, that your car is asking for an excuse. Again, the side markers, helps the other drivers know that your car will turn towards the left or right.

The exhaust system of the car is another important part that you should know about. The imperative part of the exhaust system is the muffler. Generally speaking, the function of this muffler is to decimate the noise produced by the engine. If this device was not there, the noise would be unendurable, and would result in noise pollution. In this modern age, a vehicle cannot be manufactured without the muffler. While the muffler or silencer, is installed within the exhaust system of an automobile, it is not really designed to do any primary exhaust function. The muffler is so engineered that it works as an acoustic soundproofing device, that reduces the intensity of the sound produced by the engine, by the means of acoustic quieting. Though, most of the sound pressure produced by the engine are emitted off the vehicle using the same pipe, the still remaining are decreased by the muffler. One of the setbacks of using muffler in automobiles, that it increases the back pressure, which results in the loss of engine efficiency.

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