10 Things to consider before buying a two-wheeler


Having a two-wheeler at home can be a comfort in place. You can go to nearby places very easily on your automatic scooters rather than walking the whole distances. Also, with the interesting design from some of the automobile companies, they look good also. However, you must always consider a few things before you buy a two-wheeler. These are:


The first and most important thing that decides the choice of our two-wheeler is the Budget available for us to spend. Wisely fix your budget and narrow down your list of automatic scooters to within your budget. Also, try to be a little flexible with your budget so that you could give or take few extra bucks for added features. You can easily buy good two-wheelers in a price range of about Rs 55,000.


While most men might overlook this point, keeping a lookout on the weight of the scooter could be an added bonus. Always make sure you are able to handle the weight of your scooter. A number of women choose to zip around the place on lightweight two-wheelers.

Auto-Start Functionality

You should look after your convenience also ahead of choosing the one with the stylish of the lot. In an age where people are switching over to auto-starting their scooters and bikes, don’t sit back and enjoy kick-starting your two-wheeler.


Storage is another important point to look upon while selecting a two-wheeler. Make sure you are able to fit in your helmet, a small backpack and a repair toolkit in your storage space.


Many different two-wheelers provide you with different mileages or fuel consumption according to the model you choose. Top two-wheelers are able to provide the users with 45-50 kmpl mileage. Honda Activa 3G provides it rider with the best-in class mileage across all scooters. Make sure you choose an fuel efficient scooter as you won’t like spending too much on the fuel after buying a heavily priced two-wheeler.

Nearest Service Center

Most people ignore the importance of a nearby service center and end up travelling a lot more in case of emergencies or when stranded with some problems. Try to choose a dealer close to your homes so that you don’t have to travel long distances for having to do repairs and service on your two-wheeler.


Ride height also plays an important role on the decision to choose for a new two-wheeler. Shorter height people might feel uncomfortable while riding a two-wheeler with high ride height. Make sure you choose a two-wheeler where you are able to touch the ground with your feet. Honda Activa 3G has an average ride height which means it is perfect for an averagely built human being.


Another important thing we should keep in mind while spending large sum of money on a two-wheeler is the durability of the product. Don’t make a hasty decision to select scooter on the basis of looks alone. Try to compare the pros and cons of each of the two-wheeler on your shortlist before buying one.

Availability of Spare Parts

Before buying any two-wheeler, make sure you are able to get spare parts for your scooter at competitive prices nearby your house. Try to do a little bit of research before spending money and make a list of places from where you can get the parts easily.

 Style and Color

Of course, the style and design have a huge impact on the two-wheeler you end up buying. But try not to compromise much on the quality of the two-scooter for better looks. Honda Activa 3G is one of the most stylish yet durable automatic scooters you will find in the market today as well as fabulous Honda Activa 3G Colors.

The Last Words

The two-wheeler you choose to buy is going to be with you for at least a good few years and make sure the one you choose is built to-last for years. Don’t take haste decisions and settle for something unworthy of the huge amount of money you will spend on it.