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Know When To Go

When you don’t have time to wait to visit your primary care doctor, you have the option of visiting an emergency room at a hospital or seeking treatment at an urgent care office. There are situations that arise all the time, such as pain in the chest or stomach or illnesses with the kids. You have to make a decision of the best place to seek treatment in a short time.

Learn about the differences between an emergency room and a 24 hr emergency clinic Harris County TX has available before leaving home or calling someone to come get you. Both locations involve seeing people who have emergency situations. A hospital has more equipment and more people on hand who can offer the care and treatment that you might need, but the wait times might be a little longer unless you’re experiencing a health crisis. At an emergency clinic, there are still nurses and doctors available, but there isn’t as much in the way of equipment that can be used or the treatment plans that are available. If the staff sees that you need something further, then they will send you to an emergency room at a hospital where you can get detailed care.

Think about an urgent care clinic as a way to treat illnesses and minor injuries when your doctor’s office is closed or you can’t get an appointment. If the pain is severe or you’re experiencing heavy bleeding or something that would warrant a call to 911, then you would want to go to the emergency room.

Assess your symptoms when you’re at home. In the event of chest pain, especially if it’s hard to breathe, you should visit the emergency room in case you need to be admitted to the hospital. Severe pain in the stomach area or in the back that radiates to the stomach or sides and that comes on suddenly usually warrants a visit to the emergency room. Ear aches, minor cuts and burns, stomach viruses and other issues that are related to something minor can usually be seen at an urgent care clinic.