4 Reasons to Make the LG G6 Your Next Smartphone

At first glance, the cellphone industry looks like a battle between two tech titans. We see Apple and Samsung commercials, but not much else. However, if you take the time to look, other options are available — often for far less than what you would spend on the newest iPhone or Galaxy.

LG smartphones may not be as immediately recognizable as phones from the industry’s two leading brands, but the new LG G6 is the brand’s best phone yet. Before you make your next upgrade, explore the following four reasons why you want to make the LG G6 your next smartphone.

The LG G6 Is Dust- and Water-Resistant


Image via Flickr by TheBetterDay

If you take your phone everywhere you go, and “everywhere” often includes outdoor spaces, you need a phone that won’t slow you down. Fortunately, the LG G6 is both dust- and water-resistant, making it a great sidekick for all of your outdoor adventures.

This feature will also be appreciated by parents with babies and toddlers, as well as those prone to dropping their phones in the toilet or spilling their coffee on them. Specifically, the LG G6 is rated IP68, capable of surviving even after being submerged in up to 4.9 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

It Can Be Paired With Your Preferred Network

If you give the LG G6 a try on a less-than-reliable network, you may walk away disappointed. After all, the phone itself is only half of the equation.

Pair the LG G6 with a reliable network such as T-Mobile, though, and you’ll be surprised at how much it can do. T-Mobile’s network was designed specifically for unlimited plans and is the nation’s fastest and fastest-growing LTE network. For better coverage, the LG G6 is one of the phones compatible with the network’s Extended Range LTE signal, which reaches twice as far and works four times as better in buildings than before. Opt for the T-Mobile ONE plan, and you can enjoy benefits such as unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data — including in Mexico and Canada — plus a free Netflix subscription, in-flight texting and 1 hour of data on Gogo-enabled flights, and texting and data abroad.

It Has a Larger Screen Than You May Be Used to Seeing

Although the LG G6 has a compact body, its 5.7-inch screen is larger than many competitors. Those currently using the iPhone 7 Plus will find the G6 has a better screen-to-body ratio, which allows it to have both a slightly larger screen and a smaller, lighter body. In your hand, the phone feels more substantial than the Samsung Galaxy S8, although the two phones are similar in size.

Netflix subscribers will be especially impressed. The G6 uses an 18 to 9 aspect ratio: Any content filmed in that ratio, such as Netflix’s “Daredevil” and “Marco Polo,” will fill the screen entirely for an immersive experience. The G6 is also the first phone to offer both Dolby Vision and HDR 10 support, which means Netflix and Amazon Prime videos will seem more lifelike.

The LG G6 Features the Newest Google Assistant

No article about the G6 would be complete without mentioning its software and apps. The most exciting of these options is Google Assistant, which is built into the phone. Holding down the Home button will activate it. You’ll also have access to a plethora of Android apps via Google Play.

The 2 to 1 ratio of the G6’s screen affects app usage. If you rotate the phone to landscape mode, you can have two apps running at once, each taking up half of the screen. Some apps, such as the calendar and email apps, split the screen in half to allow two different functions at once. The Square Camera widget is a great example, using one half as a viewfinder and the other half for photo previews.

Of course, while all of these features are great, they’re not all the LG G6 has to offer. Phones bought in the United States come with a wireless charger, and smartphone photographers will have fun with the wide-angle camera. The G6 is a sleek, capable model that has everything a smartphone needs, and it stacks up well against the competition.