5 Helpful Tips for Documenting Arson Investigation

Unfortunately, in the recent times, the number of fire incidents has increased many times. This is due to the increase in the number of electronic equipment’s we use, or sometimes it is caused of sheer negligence. Fire scenes are often the toughest to analyze and investigate, since, the evidence most of the times, has been destroyed or has been tampered with. Moreover, most of the times the area is not safe, and there might be a chance of restarting the fire. In fact, if a fire accident has happened, the area becomes naturally dark, and therefore it is even tougher to investigate the scene.

However, it is really important to document a fire scene well, since it has been seen, that most of the fire cases, they go to trial after five to seven years, and therefore, the case and the crime scene should be well documented. In fact, a well-documented scene would consist of all the details the arson investigator can find at the scene, even the things that he might find has no relation to the case should be documented, since, that thing might not have reference to the case now, but it might have, at some point of time. In this article, we will talk about five helpful tips to documenting arson investigation.

Approach the Scene Slowly-: If you are an arson investigator, and if you are investigating a fire scene, approach the scene as slowly as possible. Since, fire makes the structure of the area very susceptible to damages, and therefore, you should take care that you don’t set foot at the wrong places, which might make the whole area collapse. Another reason that you should approach the area slowly, is because, you might want to document things on your way. Keep an eye for things which are out of there place, anything which might help you in apprehending any criminal involved.

Photograph Everything-: It is really important that you document everything you see. Sometimes, it is not possible to take a note of everything that you see at the crime scene. Hence, take a photograph of the area in wide angles and zoom angles. This will help you investigate the area at a later time.

Question Everyone-: Being an arson investigator, you will be the last one at the scene, after the firefighters and the police. Therefore, you should question everyone who was at the scene before you. Obviously, with them, you might also have to question people involved in the fire, like victims or if there are any potential suspects. Take notes.

Collect Evidence with the Right Tools-: Make sure when you approach a crime scene you have the right tools with you to analyze samples at the spot. These tools will help you maintain the integrity of the case, and will also help to preserve evidence in the right way.

Get the Right People Around You-: If you have a body at the scene, who have been killed due to the fire, you might want to call upon the medical officer to check on him/her. You might also want the scene to be barricaded, and hence, want a police force in place.

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