5 Ways Hormone Replacement Therapy Helps You Look and Feel Younger

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You are barraged constantly with advertisements featuring cosmetic and surface-use products that are supposed to make you look and feel younger. Stopping and reversing the aging process is less about a product you can place on your body and more about the hormonal balance within. Below are five benefits to adding a regimen of hormone replacement therapy for a more youthful appearance and feel.

Healthier Skin and Hair

Testosterone and estrogen play a role in the health and abundance of the hair in men and women. Low levels of the right hormones can mean your hair gets thinner, more brittle and rough looking. Hormone replacement therapy can help bring back a fuller, more vibrant look to your hair and skin. The skin will look less dry.

More Energy

It would be nice to have the energy of a twenty-something youth when the hormones begin to wane, but sadly the energy begins to wane in the late 40’s. Hormone replacement therapy can bring back the energy levels of youth without any serious side effects. You will feel more like getting involved and staying involved in all of your favorite activities once again.

Firmer Muscles

Men have a harder keeping firm and toned muscles when testosterone begins to get out of balance with estrogen. The daily workouts do not seem to provide the same payoffs and the muscles begin to get softer and less defined. Hormone replacement therapy can provide the boost in testosterone levels that are required to maintain a firm build.

Better Weight Management

Metabolism naturally slows due to aging and depletion of natural hormones. The unwelcome side effect of this is excess weight gain. It is hard to keep a balanced weight if the rate that your body breaks down food dramatically slows. Hormone replacement therapy can bring your metabolism back to normal ranges and make it easier to stay in a healthy weight range.

Improved Memory Skills

It is difficult to feel vibrant and youthful if you start suffering from memory loss. Testosterone in males and estrogen in females needs to be at the right balance in order for the body to maintain youthful function. Hormone replacement therapy can bring back the memory skills you once enjoyed. You will no longer be struggling to remember names and important dates.

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