5 Ways To Prep For A Tech-Heavy Future

In 2017, it doesn’t always feel like the future is coming. It feels like it’s here. That may or may not be something other generations have felt throughout history, but right now it truly feels like we’re living in a time of unprecedented technological innovation. Nevertheless, the truth is that the future is never here, of course, and that means that even more impressive uses of technology are theoretically right around the corner.

We don’t know for sure how things will be in the coming five or 10 years. But based on how things are going, here are five ways to prepare for what’s next.

Get Used To VR

One of the best ways to prep for the near future is probably to embrace virtual reality as a technology, and not just as the next big thing in gaming. Sure, the games are a lot of fun, but in reality VR is going to have much broader use. For instance, right now we browse retail in person and try on clothes in dressing rooms; in the future, we might just get glimpses of ourselves in new clothes walking around town via virtual reality programs. Today, we search for condos through online sites that show us photo libraries and crudely drawn floor plans; in a few years we’ll probably be taking virtual tours of prospective properties. The list could go on for quite a while, but the point is that VR is going to take over many aspects of our regular lives.

Prepare For New Health Evaluations

Annual check-ups of all kinds might not be around too long. Instead, we might be relying on smart devices and creative computer programs to handle most of the analysis that tends to happen at these check-ups. Implanted devices could measure everything from blood pressure to cholesterol levels, and tech-infused mouthpieces could detect cavities and other oral issues. Eye check-ups could also become simpler and more tech-based, perhaps via the use of VR or other technologies that can measure what we see and how clearly we see it. None of this means you’ll never have to go to the doctor again, but you might want to get used to the idea that you’ll be doing some of these checks on your own, at home.

Pay Attention To Trendy Sci-Fi

Sci-fi can get it wrong a lot of the time. But it can also be spookily accurate, and that means it’s actually worth paying attention to sometimes from a preparation standpoint. Right now, for instance, Ready Player One is all the rage given that it’s on its way to becoming a major motion picture. This is a story about a massive virtual world that essentially takes over people’s lives by the year 2044, and the consensus is that it might be more of an accurate portrait of the future than we want to admit. Reading material like this can at least give you interesting ideas about what’s to come.

Start Communicating With Your Home

Smart homes are on the way, and in many ways they’ve already arrived. But they’re probably nowhere close to what they’re going to be like in another 10 years. It could well be that by that time we’re speaking commands to pretty much all of the appliances in our homes, and that means you may as well start now. Whether through Amazon’s Alexa, the Google Home, or even the newly announced Apple Home Pod, there are already ways to interact with home tech verbally. It’s something we should all get used to.

Don’t Panic

This isn’t a specific means of preparation, but it’s still important. The future may look very different and awfully impressive, but there are plenty of things that probably won’t change much. If you have a deck full of plants, you’ll still need to water them. If a plumbing mishap occurs you’ll still need to make the repair yourself or call for a professional plumber. And if you want to exercise you’ll still have to get out and run. It’s easy to get caught up in how rapidly our world is changing, but if it ever makes you anxious you should take comfort in some of the basic human functions that don’t seem to be going anywhere.