5 Ways To Prevent Workplace Stress

Your life can often be a turbulent place, with things going wrong at home and at work and in society at large. So it’s always important to know how to step back, chill out, and just relax.

If you don’t know how to separate yourself from the deluge of bad news in the press, pressures at work, and family dramas, you can you feel remarkably stressed and overwhelmed. Over time, this can lead to a condition called “workplace stress.” Symptoms include fatigue, muscular tension, headaches, and insomnia.

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Fortunately, there are many ways to relax that will help you refresh your mind and body and renew your spirits. Let’s take a look at a few:

  1. Binge Watch TV night

If you have the right setup—a spacious living room, comfy couches and armchairs, a large TV, a subscription to a DIRECTV choice package, and a hot air popcorn popper, you can arrange a movie night for your family. Instead of going to a movie house, why not pretend to have a special theater night at home? Print out invitation cards for your family members, pick a showing time, and prepare snacks for the occasion. In other words, make a big deal out of your pretend night out—except that you’ll be doing it at home. You might even ask family members to invite people over.

You can create a theme for the night. For instance, if your family loves cars, you might binge watch car shows like “Top Gear,” “Fast N’ Loud,” and “Overhaulin’.” Another alternative is to just watch a really good movie series, like all the episodes of “Back to the Future.” Spending a few hours on a vicarious journey, bouncing off each other’s offbeat humor will help everyone forget all their troubles.

  1. Go Camping and Hiking

If you have more time, say a long weekend, then think about going on a camping trip where there are lots of trails. If you feel especially daring, then you can even restrict the use of all your mobile devices, even if you go to an area where you can still get Wi-Fi. A day or two away from Facebook postings, the latest news on the Trump administration and email correspondence will free up your minds to see and feel the real world all around you. When you’re off the grid, your mind will begin to open up, and you’ll begin to see new possibilities for your life and find the solution to recurring problems.

  1. Go swimming.

When was the last time, you spent time at a swimming pool either splashing around or doing laps? Regardless of whether you think of a swimming pool as a place to exercise or play, find one that is close to you. Check out your local YMCA, schools that let the public use their pool after hours, or hotels that permit non-guests the opportunity to use their swimming pool. If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach, then you can go swimming in the ocean.

  1. Join an exercise program.

You can create an individual routine or join an exercise class. For your own routine join a gym or buy a wearable device and go for long walks. You can also join a popular group exercise class. Indoor cycling will help you burn calories with challenging cardio cycling routines. Yoga will calm your mind, strengthen your body, and achieve a sense of peace and harmony. Zumba will teach you to rhythmically move to the beat of high-energy Latin style music. There are so many options to get fit when you start looking.

Nip Workplace Stress In the Bud

The better you do at your job, the more responsibilities you are given. While this is fine to a point, it can also lead to a very real psychological condition where you feel exhausted all the time. By learning to recognize the early signs of burnout before your stress response becomes a chronic condition, you’ll live a much longer, healthier, and happier life. While you may have slowly developed an excellent work ethic over the years, it’s equally important to learn how to completely unwind and let go, too.