7 Questions To Ask Before Finalizing A Wedding Photographer

Choosing a perfect wedding photographer is quite daunting task as a wrong selection may ruin all your wedding charm and memories with loss of money alongside. It is crucial to interview the skilled and renowned wedding photographers in advance thoroughly to have an idea of their photography expertise along with their work experience and rates. A perfect and frank interview with wedding photographers will help you differentiate between multiple choices and thus find out the right choice for you. To help you more in selecting an ideal wedding photographer here we are sharing top list of questions that need to be asked before finalizing a wedding photographer for your special day.


  1. What is Your Primary Photography Style?

This is the foremost and first important question need to be asked to the wedding photographer to whom you are considering to hire. Because your photographer’s primary style should match the style you are interested in. If you are interested in fine art influenced photography then you need to go with the photographer specialized in this particular style. Similarly you need to confirm about other photography styles from the photographer that you are interested in.

  1. How Many Weddings You Have Shot Previously?

The other important question that never be skipped by you while interviewing a wedding photographer is about his/her experience. As it is important to know about the prior work that he/she has accomplished previously. It is also a good idea to ask the photographer for sample of photos taken on his/her prior projects. More experienced photographer will have more expertise in wedding photography. Make sure to check out the previously shot wedding videos and photos by the photographer to have the best idea of the quality of work done.

  1. How Many Other Events You Have to Photograph That Week?

Think about the situation when auspicious ceremonies of your wedding are going on and you are not able to see your wedding photographer around to capture the moments. All your wedding excitement will be spoiled instantly. To avoid such situations, it is important to ask photographer about his/her additional plans during your wedding period. This will make sure that your photographer is available all the time of your wedding and capturing every single moment of your special day. It is quite obvious that you will love to choose the photographer who will devote his/her time professionally and solely on your event

  1. Will You Provide Contract of the Service?

In most of the cases people show carelessness and don’t even bother to have contract from the hired photographer. But this is what you need to ask to your wedding photographer. As a contract paper will protect your rights as a customer and it will include the complete terms about the type of services hired by you, pricing, contract termination conditions, refunds etc.

  1. What will be Done in Case of Any Ailment to You?

Although this is quite rare but still you need to be careful about such situation as wedding is life’s one time moment therefore it is crucial to be on the safe side. So before hiring a photographer ask the alternatives he/she has in case of any illness or similar emergency. Finalize the wedding photographer from UrbanClap who has better alternatives for handling such situations.

  1. Is Your Photography Business Insured?

This is another important question that should not be skipped at all. A business insurance will protect your wedding photographer against camera or other photography equipment theft or damage. If a photographer don’t have any business insurance then you can assume that he/she is new to this industry and is not as much responsible about that. In this case you can continue your search further.

  1. Will You Be Doing Color Correction for My Images?

Some photographers don’t color correct the images and as a result the human being skin may reflect colors like yellow, blue, red and orange in the photographs. To prevent this by your photographer, make sure by asking about post color correction procedure and all. Color correction will make your photographs much more attractive and natural.

Keep all these questions in mind and always make sure to ask any wedding photographer before your make a final decision. These will never let you make a wrong decision on selecting the right wedding photographer for your special day.