8 Blogging Tips to Grip Your Readers

Every blogger knows that we are nothing without our readers so it is very important to get new readers everyday but it is equal or more important to grip the ones who come to our blog once in a while. What can we do? Here are some tips that will help you to achieve it:

  1. Shorter = better. This is almost a rule and I break it sometimes in spite of knowing that it is quite important to write short and concise posts. It happens to me that when I find and interesting but excessively long post usually I get bored of reading and I give up without reading the whole text. I talked about it with my friend Cheeky Chubby (you must have a blog, you missed a link ) he reminded me that sometimes I write too long posts and I know it my friend, but sometimes I write and write and write…
  2. You must use lists, like I’m doing now. Readers like list, they love to have the information organized and easy to read.
  3. Try to write on one idea per post. Don’t mix two or three different topics in the same post. If you have several things in your mind it is better to write a different post for each one and programme them to different hours instead of publish in a row.
  4. Explain things as clear and simple as possible. You must realize that most of your readers aren’t experts with computers or high skilled in the use of Internet.
  5. Use the Time Stamp feature. Yeah, this is one of the best tools that WordPress has. If you write 3 or 4 posts in a row you can publish them all along the day, every couple of hours for example. This way your readers will return to your blog more than once per day to see if something new is there.
  6. Speak to your readers with closeness. You don’t know who are most of them but remember that they know who you are and they like to hear about you and your blog. So try to be close to them in your writing style, avoid to be distant. This is something like “be yourself”.
  7. Try to write without grammar and spelling mistakes… well, perhaps I’m not the best one to talk about this . Yes, this is important. A text full of this kind of mistakes seems to be written by a little boy and it affects to your credibility as a serious blogger. If you not good in English and you’re completely noob then Content writing services is for you.
  8. Be optimist. People like to read good and successful stories. It encourages them to follow your steps and follow you closer. Don’t tell them how bad your day is because all of us have enough with our own troubles. Give them an optimistic point of view, brighten them up.Put in practice this advices, I assure you that you’ll get positive results.