A Hangover Pill Prevents These Common Reasons for a Hangover

Since the beginning of drinking alcohol in good quantities, man has had to contend with the fact that there will be a payment due the next day. This has not stopped us from drinking too much, but it has caused us to search far and wide to find ways to set aside the nausea, headache and queasiness we go through the a good portion of the next day and commonly call a hangover.

There are all sorts of hangover cures that have come to prominence. In ancient Rome they would eat a deep fried canary. In ancient Greece they would treat hangovers with a breakfast of sheep lungs and two owl eggs. In the Caribbean before a night of heavy drinking, they rub a lemon into the armpit of their drinking arm. In Germany on the morning after, they eat a plate of rollmops which is raw, pickled herring wrapped around pieces of gherkin and onion, which of course must be consumed on an empty stomach. No one really keeps track of the effectiveness of these remedies but I am sure that none of them are as effective as a good hangover pill.

Hangover pills are a less interesting but proven way to lessen or even eliminate the effects of too much drinking that dominate your body on the morning after. The remedy is simple: you take the pills both before and after you drink and then you can expect a hangover free following morning. Hangover pills will prevent hangovers from the usual hangover inducing drinking habits. Here they are so you know;

Drinking Cheap Alcohol

Are you going to a house party and the host has lots of no name booze behind the bar? You may think that this is a great chance to drink all night, but you need to be cautious. There are specific toxins called cogeners that are created when alcohol is fermented and distilled. They are partially responsible for the bad feeling you get when you drink too much and the hangover you have the next day. Your body is literally poisoned. Well as you may have guessed cheap alcohols have more cogeners than the good stuff. So if you see no name brand booze go lightly, better yet ask for a brand name beer instead.


Do you notice when you drink champagne that it goes right to your head? This is because the carbonation in champagne or any other alcohol will cause the alcohol to be absorbed more quickly into the small intestine. It also can cause more alcohol to be absorbed. The result is a bigger hangover in the morning. So go easy on the champagne and the drinks mixed with sodas.

And for those who think that perhaps you can cheat with a diet soft drink mixer. Diet sodas are worse. If you mix your booze with diet versus regular soda and your blood alcohol content will shoot up an extra 18 percent. When you eliminate the sugar and calories in your drink the alcohol gets even more quickly into your bloodstream.

Before you begin your night of drinking, take your first hangover pill and put the other one in your pocket or somewhere else you cannot lose it. While you are out remind yourself to hydrate and do not forget to take the second pill or you will hate yourself in the morning.