Ace2Three Brand New TVC Ad You Should not Miss

If you are the one who loves to play card games online then rummy card games at Ace2Three will surely thrill you up. is oldest Indian rummy website that has dominated the all its competitors in India. You can enjoy playing Indian rummy online on this spectacular website. You can easily download rummy games from here and enjoy playing them on your smartphones. Not only this, Ace2Three even provides great rewards and special offers to all its users.

Moreover, it has never failed to impress the people with its great TV commercials. Recently, Ace2Three has launched a magnificent TVC to glitter the eyes of rummy freaks and other users who are still thinking to join a rummy site. Everyone must check out this new TVC by Ace2Three about the cards game rummy.

This new TVC is a scene from a jewelry shop where a family of three is shopping. While the wife and daughter of the man are busy in selecting the most beautiful pieces of jewels, the man is finding time hard to pass by. Instantly, something strikes his mind. The man picks up the rings from jewelry tray and starts trying rings on his fingers. His wife and daughter look shocked. Even the salesman is left with no clue.

Man’s daughter picks up an earring from the tray and starts trying it. But, the man is uncontrollable. He picks up the tray and starts arranging the pieces of jewels in a pattern. The salesman has gets what the man is trying to do. He is watching the man with silence. The man then asks for diamond and the salesman snatches it from his daughter’s hand and helps the man organizing the right rummy card sequence. At last, the man feels proud to make a correct sequence.

Things to Know before you Start Playing Rummy

Before you start to play rummy on Ace2Three, you should know certain things to emerge as a better player and develop good skills.

· You must research a little about this online 13 card game, gain a little experience and then join the rummy table to play it for cash.

· You should ensure that you have gained some of the required skills to play at the high stake tables. Carefully go through the rules for rummy game, watch tutorials, play among different players using chips and look out for the strategies each player has adopted on your table. After you have gained enough experience, you can join the high stake rummy tables and start playing this game.

· You must take full advantage of joining bonus at You will get up to 1700 INR on making your first purchase. If you download Rummy Android app and verify your mobile number, you will get instant cash bonus of Rs.50

· Never ever take rummy as a source of earning. Always consider it a way to pass time and rejuvenate your mood.

Useful Tips to Play Rummy

Rummy is the game of skills. Though, the shuffling of cards and the seating is totally dependent on your luck, but if you have great skills, you can be the show stellar. Follow these tips while you play rummy online.

You may not win more if you Play More

If you are a newbie to online rummy, you might try playing more so that you can win more games. But this doesn’t works well with most of the newbie players. You must learn first how to play cards rummy with patience and develop some good skills. It requires a lot of patience to acquire good skills. Playing more games will not make you skillful unless you learn from other players.

Playing Rummy with Sad Mood is a Bad Choice

The people usually play rummy to get rid of stress and boredom. It is advisable that you must not play rummy if you are depressed or sad. It requires a sheer presence of mind to defeat other players on the table. You may not be able to concentrate if you are playing the game half heartedly.

Play Variety of Rummy Games

There are a number of rummy games available at Ace2Three. You must not play the same type of rummy games and try out other forms of the game as well. You can even join the cash tournaments and try winning the prize.

Learn from your Mistakes

Every successful rummy player is capable enough to learn from his previous mistakes and avoids them in future. You must self-analyze the game and the moves you and other players are taking and try figuring out improved tactics for the next game. This will help you out in improving your game.

The Last Words

You can proceed with the free rummy download from or can go to Google Play Store to download its app. Ace2Three is the oldest Indian rummy site that has over 8 million users associated with it. It provides a variety of rummy games online to players all over the country.

Join now and get the exciting bonuses on your first sign up.