Audeze Sine Planar Magnetic On-Ear Headphones Launched at Rs. 34,990

Audeze Sine Planar Magnetic On-Ear Headphones Launched at Rs. 34,990American high-end headphone manufacturer Audeze has launched the Sine planar magnetic on-ear headphones in India for Rs. 34,990. A second version of the headphones which comes with the Cipher Lightning audio cable retails at Rs. 39,990. Both versions of the Sine headphones are available to buy through the company’s exclusive dealer in India,

The Audeze Sine headphones are manufactured in the United States at a factory in Southern California, and have been developed in collaboration with Designworks, a subsidiary of car maker BMW. The headset is claimed to be the world’s first on-ear pair to feature planar magnetic technology, as the large size of the drivers have traditionally limited the technology to an around-ear design.

Each casing has Audeze’s own 80x70mm planar magnetic driver, which has more than three times the surface area of other on-ear headphones in its class. This allows for better bass and dynamics in the sound.

Additionally, the Audeze Sine is iPhone-ready, thanks to the additional Cipher Lightning audio cable. The cable ordinarily costs Rs. 14,990, but can be purchased for Rs. 5,000 over the ordinary price of the Sine headphones if purchased alongside. This will allow for 24-bit high-resolution audio directly through Apple’s Lightning port, and also includes a microphone that can be used for calling or to communicate with Apple’s Siri personal assistant software.

Audeze also sells some of its other successful products in India, including the LCD-3 and LCD-X, along with the Audeze EL-8 range. The Sine headphones can also be purchased on EMI through the dealer’s website