Become a Blogging Wizard- 6 Lessons from Harry Potter

If you want to transform from an ordinary blogger to a blogging wizard and get more social shares, comments and email subscribers, pursue the following 6 simple lessons.

1. Create catchy headlines

The first thing that attracts readers’ attention is headlines. Before anyone reads the content they read the headline. The headline can make or break your career as a blogger. If the headline is not appealing then there will be no grip whatsoever. Create a headline that describes your content in an honest, but attractive way.

Follow a simple headline-writing formula: Number + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

For example, you could rewrite a boring headline like ‘how to sell a car’ as “10 guaranteed ways to sell your car’’

2. Create striking visuals

Visual contents make a difference. It will result in positive feedback, mentions from other blogs and more shares. Tools like PicMonkeyWordSwag and Canva help create stunning visual content. These have templates so all you have to do for getting eye-catching images is plug in your favorite background and choose a font.

3. Share quotes

Using ‘click to tweet’ links within the content encourages social sharing. You can use WordPress plug-in called Social Warfare which also adds attention-grabbing social sharing buttons, or ‘Click to Tweet’. These can then integrated with URL like Bitly and Twitter username.

4. Utilize others’ influence

It is a common practice in the blogging business and will be easy to achieve if one remembers to go easy and be patient. They are busy people and not all will be willing to share your content. If you follow certain guidelines, you can persuade some to do it and the results can be phenomenal.

Find out the influencers

Use tools like BuzzSumo and software like Authority Spy to gather information from multiple social networks while listing actual social profiles and contact information.

Involve the influencers

While writing new blog posts, add a relevant piece of content by an influencer in your niche, link out to it or involve influencers in your content directly by asking them for a quote to add to your post. It is also important to inform them about the post by either Emailing, tagging them on Google+ or Facebook and mentioning them on Twitter.

 5. Offer exclusivity

Offer exclusive templates, relevant to the entire post, for those who share your posts by adding a social content locker to the top of the post, which will hide the link to the template until someone shares. It will help you achieve an increase in social shares.

Publishing a blog post and offering a PDF version of that post will add many new email subscribers. The link can be used on any website and analytics are tracked from within your LeadPages account. LeadPages also handle the delivery of the PDF file, ensuring the PDF emailed to them once they enter their email.

Also ensure readers leave a comment because it engages them and develops discussion around your blog .This can be as simple as ending your blog post with a question.

6. Promote

Posting a blog is just the beginning. Promoting your blog posts intensively is extremely essential. The following steps can be undertaken for the same:

  • Promote across more platforms like com, Tumblr
  • Create a SlideShare overview of post
  • Pin post to a Pinterest Group Board
  • Add internal links to existing blog posts
  • Use social bookmarking sites
  • Purchase cheap traffic using services like Outbrain

To become the ultimate blogger, all you need to do is learn these lessons and you can get the desired results.