Benefits of Using Cantilever-Style Racks for Storage

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Whether you own a warehouse or you have other large-scale, on-site storage needs, choosing accessible shelving that protects your inventory is essential. Cantilever racks are available in a range of sizes and will meet your requirements in every way. They’re an industry standard for storing loose building materials like pipes, lumber and similar items that need to be kept dry and off the ground.

What is Cantilever Racking?

Cantilevers are free-standing storage racks with load-bearing arms that are curved at the ends. You’ve probably seen them in lumber yards and on loading docks. They’re able to hold large quantities of heavy materials while providing easy access for loading and unloading on job sites or at storage facilities.

When to Use Cantilevers

This type of storage and handling system is create especially for over-large or bulky materials that pose a challenge for traditional shelving. It also offers an advantage when floor space is at a premium. Since there are no shelves to mount, the arms can be adjusted for height, extension and other considerations. That makes this option more flexible in addition to reducing material handling time.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The only potential drawback is the initial expense and logistical consideration when purchasing and installing cantilevers. Because there is no predetermined length or width, you have to make sure that you leave enough room for heavy machine operators to get in and out of rows and load materials. This problem can usually be solved when planning your layout and estimating space availability before installing the units.

Are There Different Types of Cantilever Systems?

There are three styles of cantilevers: I-beam, light duty and structural. Of the three, structural cantilevers are the most commonly used. They’re designed for medium to heavy loads in both interior and exterior storage environments. I-beams racks are freestanding units that can hold up to 20,000 pounds and are ideal in environments where space-efficiency is needed. The light duty are the smallest, holding up to 500 pounds and mainly used for hand-loading small, bulky items.

Your crew will get the job done quicker and with more efficiency when you use cantilever-style racking.