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No one wants to live with the presence of mold in their homes. However, an unplanned leak or moisture source can create a climate conducive to harmful microbial growth. Before jumping to any conclusions, it’s a good idea to first determine if what you are seeing in your home or office is indeed mold. This is where the help of a licensed Environmental Hygienist comes in handy. If mold is identified as the culprit there are several measures that can be taken to remedy the problem.

What is mold and why is it harmful?

This overgrowth is a fungus that thrives both indoors and out. Moisture is the biggest contributor to its overgrowth and it is most harmful when it begins to grow indoors, causing allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems. Although, there is no way to completely eliminate microbial growth you can help control and reduce it by venting moist humid areas and using dehumidifiers and other tools.

What can you do?

If you determine that the problem has become out of hand your best response is to find the source of moisture, clean the mold and reduce the moisture level. In incidences where the problem is widespread, it’s best to hire a professional. Calling Surgical instrument repair companies and other unrelated businesses are examples of failing to gain the help of a company experienced and trained to deal with a residential mold overgrowth issue.

Ask a Professional

If your problem is severe enough it’s best not to draw your own conclusions. There are many qualified professionals that would be able to help confirm the results of your moisture problem. A trained individual armed with a battery of tests and experience in knowing what to look for will not only determine the scope of your problem but also provide solutions to the problem. A definitive answer will help to determine the best solution to the problem.

Dealing with a mold issue can have harmful results on the health of everyone in your home if it goes unresolved. If the scope of the problem is small enough, it is something that can be remedied without the help of a professional. Simply finding the source, cleaning any mold, and reducing the moisture level may be enough. If not, the best approach is to call a qualified professional who can determine the scope of the problem and help to solve it.