Buying and Using Winstrol in Canada


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Winstrol is a well-known and popular anabolic steroid.  It is also known by its brand name of Stanozolol.  Since steroid use is banned in many countries, the question of whether it can be obtained in Canada is on the minds of many users.  In Canada, it is banned for use in professional use. It can be used medically and even in Canada, it can be obtained and used with a prescription. Like many other countries, Winstrol is available for purchase on websites – users can get some at regular intervals. Buying large quantities can put buyers at risk. Law enforcement usually perceives bulk purchases by people as intent to distribute.

All about Winstrol

Among a range of anabolic steroids available on the market, Winstrol is one of the most popular. It is a mild anabolic steroid and can be safely used by women and men. Though it has been banned by Canadian sports associations, it is highly effective in boosting performance among body builders and athletes whose physiques have to be cut and ripped. What makes it popular is that it promotes endurance and strength without too much mass. Beyond the obvious, Winstrol has been used quite successfully by medical doctors to stave off wasting of lean muscle mass. It has also been shown to effectively promote bone mass in people with osteoporosis. It has also been used to heal fractured bones.

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone, with some structural changes Due to these changes, the androgenicity is lowered significantly while its anabolic powers are increased. It is available in pill and injectable form. Use of either type offers the same results with negligible differences.

How does it work?

Winstrol promotes a lean and hard look while persevering lean tissues. Winstrol is mostly used as a secondary supplement to promote a lean and hard look. Both men and men benefit immensely from using this supplement in the cutting phase, to maintain strength.

How to use Winstrol

The standard dose for men is 2 mg/3 times a day. Women can use 4 mg per day – 2mg/2 times a day.  If virilization doesn’t occur, the dosage can be increased to 6 mg per day. With injectable Winstrol, a 40 mg dose is administered every 2 or 3 weeks for both men and women.

High doses of Winstrol are not recommended for people who are not body builders. The recommended use for women is oral Winstrol at a maximum of 5 mg per day. Users have to be cautious and decide on increasing dosage based on need. In the case of injectable Winstrol, total use should be just 4 to 6 weeks.  It is best to work with a physician to get the dosage right and to watch for possible side effects.

Winstrol is easily available for purchase online or at specific health food stores. Check the ingredients list properly and make sure to use only recommended doses. Also ensure that the source of purchase is reliable and well known for quality products.