Different Kinds of Kitchen Counter-tops

Counter-tops are an important part in forming the aesthetic of the kitchen, and can make or break the way you want your kitchen to look. However, there are a wide range of options that are available to you on the market, each option providing a different look and feel from the rest, allowing you to be able to match your kitchen to the rest of your home, while making it a clean, productive space as well. The kind of counter-top you get will stay in your home for years to come, and the kind of material you choose will have an effect on the value of your home as well, should you ever choose to put your home on the property market.

Granite counter-tops are one of the most common counter-tops that are available in the market, because the host of colors and patterns that are naturally found on granite are highly appealing. Along with this, granite is resistant to sharp knife scratches, heat, and splashes, making this easy to clean and maintain. kit
Solid surfacing, on the other hand, is made from acrylic and polyester. This is non-porous, which meas that it becomes very easy to clean and does not require to be sealed – though it does become susceptible to scratches and burns. Solid surfacing does not have a natural look, which will allow you to be able to experiment with the aesthetic in unique ways.
Quartz surfacing, too, is easy to maintain, and comes in a wide array of colors and patterns, allowing you to experiment with the way your kitchen looks. However, this material is relatively expensive, but highly durable, making it a long-term investment.
Marble counter-tops are preferred by those who wish to have an elegant and classy kitchen. One major benefit t marble is that it is resistant to heat and manages to stay cool throughout the year. However, marble can get stained easily, and can get scratched or chipped. Along with this, marble, as a material, can become expensive to install, so it is important to make sure that this aesthetic is what youć± e looking for before you come to a decision.
Tile counter-tops., on the other hand, are relatively inexpensive. Because it is an artificial material – like solid surfacing – you will be able to experiment with this, and can choose bright or different colors that may not occur naturally. Tile counter-tops are resistant to heat and stains if the tile is sealed, and if counter-top gets chipped, then it is relatively cheaper to replace.

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