DIY Gift Ideas for Teachers

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When you enroll your child in school, the teachers working for that school will help your child develop all the skills that he or she needs in later years. Many schools allow students to accept gifts from their students around the holidays and at the end of the year, which is the perfect time to send an appreciation gift to the school to thank the teacher for all the work he or she did over the last year. While you can send a gift card or some homemade treats, you can also make some DIY gifts with your child.

Customized Clipboards

Many teachers use clipboards as a way to keep track of notes in the classroom and on field trips. With so many metal clipboard clips now available, it’s easy to create a customized board for your child’s teacher. Cut a piece of wood to the size that you want, sand the wood down until it is smooth and let your child paint a picture or create a design on the surface of the wood. Waterproof sealant keeps the clipboard safe from moisture damage. Use a waterproof adhesive to glue to the metal clip to the top.

Painted Flowerpot

Turn an old terracotta flowerpot, some paint and a measuring tape into a fun DIY gift. Let your child use paint to create a picture or a design on the outside of the pot. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the top edge of the pot, place the edge of the measuring tape onto the glue and wrap the tape around the pot. Press it against the glue to secure it to the terracotta. Once you snip off the excess tape and let the pot dry, your child can take it to school.

Coffee Gift Set

If your child has a teacher who loves coffee, make a simple coffee gift set. Find a coffee mug with a fun design, but stick to traditional or classic designs. Teachers often receive gag gifts or mugs with funny phrases from other parents that they don’t use. Fill the mug with some chocolate-covered espresso beans and a small bag of coffee. You can include packets of cream and sugar too or a small gift card to a coffee shop. These DIY gifts are easy to make and include ideas that parents of both younger and older students will love.