Ending Procrastination: A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Things Done

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Oftentimes, people realize that procrastination is holding them back in multiple areas of their life. Once you draw this conclusion, it’s important to know that you can begin implementing lifestyle changes that empower you to operate in a more productive, progressive manner. Below you’ll find several strategies you can deploy to stop procrastinating so that you can get things done and keep moving forward:

1. Implement A Rewards System.

One of the best ways to goad yourself into making improvements and changes that keep you on the path to progression is by implementing a rewards system. This technique is effective because it reminds you that you will receive some sort of physical product or experiential pleasure which brightens your day. Note that without a rewards system, the ongoing process of exerting effort to change can become enervating. Also keep in mind that your reward system can and should be customized to suit your distinct tastes and needs of the moment. For example, if you’ve been procrastinating about going on a weight loss program but are now ready to do it, making food a part of your reward system is probably not a good idea.

2. Ask Someone To Help You.

Oftentimes, people find that they are unable to make substantive change happen on their own. You shouldn’t let this reality preclude you from moving forward. Instead, ask someone with knowledge and experience to assist you with the process of making behavioral changes that will help you remain on track to perpetual progress. This can include anyone from a wellness coach to a mentor to a trusted colleague who continually operates at a high level of productivity.

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3. Become A Goal Setter.

One final strategy that you can implement to begin getting things done is becoming a goal setter. Goal setting is a powerful life optimization strategy because it helps you clearly define what you’re attempting to accomplish and subsequently come up with strategies that you’ll use to get it done as well as a deadline. In addition to making goal-setting a normative part of your life, recognize the importance of implementing strategies that will optimize the processes of objective development and realization. This can include anything from making the goal SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Specific) to having someone you trust hold you accountable for the completion of the objective.


Three strategies that you can deploy to stop procrastinating include implementing a rewards system, asking someone to help you, and becoming a goal setter. Start using these strategies immediately so you can begin to operate more effectively in all areas of life!