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Gone are the days when tutoring was confined to weaker students. With growing competition in the market, scoring good marks is just not enough. A child needs to excel in studies for secured and better life. Needless to say from overseas immigration to placements in top companies are seized by merit students only. And to successfully lend in a satisfying and happy career life, limited study is not enough. To help hopeful students, eTutorWorld is loaded with maximum facilities that help in chasing the ongoing competitive world.


  • Extra studies- High School is one of the most significant classes where upon the future of the child depends. His career very much depends upon his performance in this class. At eTutorWorld, high school tutoring is packed with extra and planned studies that provides enough time for revision of various lessons.
  • More assignments- Different types of assignments are prepared for each child. Depending on his caliber and learning capacity, these assignments are designed by an expert. Based upon first free class, a child’s shortcomings and strengths are analyzed and depending on this evaluation, his further study course is prepared so that he can learn at his own pace and thus excel in studies.
  • Regular assessments- A child is helped with different techniques. With multiple tests and worksheets he is assessed for his progress in seventh grade. This helps in highlighting the topic the child is weak in. Then these topics are taught again and again till the child understands it.The eTutorWorld’s teachers design a study plan and access the child on his scoring growth.
  • Clear concepts- The importance of regular practice in mathcannot be denied. It’s not only the practice that rules the subject, but also clear knowledge of concepts that helps the students, most. Seventh grade math that starts shaking the child’s mind is made easy with regular live classrooms so that the concepts become clear in his mind.
  • Doubt sessions- It’s always at the last moment before exams, when a scholar comes with one or another doubt and at odd hours like early in the morning or late night when no teacher is available to help him, eTutorWorld comes to his rescue. He clears his doubts at any time and from anywhere and he need not worry before appearing in his exam.
  • Focus on detailing- The syllabus for seventh grade math is curtailed by focusing on detailed program where high scoring lessons are given more weightage and child is indulged in studying the comprehensive study on each and every topic.
  • Live classroom- It is the USB of learning, online. For a complete feel of study time, live classroom is arranged. A child can clearly focus on what the teacher explains. For availing live classes he needs an iPad or a laptop, computer or even a smart phone connected to the big screen along with Wi-Fi connectivity. All this creates wonders in grabbing most out of the academic syllabus.
  • Freedom of selection of time and place- High school tutoring at eTutorWorld facilitates freedom of time and place. You can study at your comfortable time or whenever you feel like studying. Amazing, isn’t it?