Five Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy

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As a dog owner, you want to keep your canine as healthy as possible, so it will be with your family many years. Being aware of the health issues that are common to your breed of dog is one way to help your dog maintain good health. If you’re aware of the issues, you can be on the lookout for signs of them. Also, there are some other things you can do to contribute to your dog’s good health. Checkout five tips for keeping your dog in healthy condition.

Feed Your Dog an Appropriate Diet

Feeding your dog a healthy diet can only be done if you are giving it the appropriate type of food. Some foods are made with the right amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for puppies while others are designed with nutrients that will maintain the health of a senior dog. Reading the description on the dog food packaging is helpful when looking for the best food for your dog. If you still aren’t sure which food to choose, call your vet and ask for guidance.

Give Your Dog Exercise Daily

Exercise burns fat and keeps your dog in good shape. One of the best things about giving your dog daily exercise is you can get your exercise at the same time! Keep in mind that some dog breeds require more exercise than others. For example, a Greyhound must have time to run around outside and stretch its legs each day to be happy and at ease. Alternatively, a Basset hound is a dog that only needs a moderate amount of exercise due to its mild temperament. Some fun ways to exercise with your dog include walking in the woods, visiting a dog park, playing catch in the yard or even just walking through the neighborhood. Not only do you and your dog get exercise, you get to spend time with your dog and get to know its personality.

Give Your Dog Social Time

Dogs are only happy if they get to interact with other dogs. After all, they are pack animals. So, owning more than one dog can be beneficial to both your pets. If you only own one dog, taking your dog to visit with a friend’s dog or taking it to a dog park would allow it time to socialize with other dogs. Dogs communicate with one another in ways that humans can’t understand.

Take Your Dog to the Vet Once a Year

Taking your dog to the vet on a yearly basis can help you to catch any potential health issues before they get worse. Your vet can check the general health of your pet. For instance, there’s a good chance your vet will visit Vet Products Direct for dog worming products in order to treat dogs like yours that come in for a regular appointment. Besides worming, other elements of a regular checkup include monitoring a dog’s blood pressure, weight, eye health, heart and lungs. While at the office, your vet can answer any questions, you have about behaviors or problems you’re having with your dog.

Make Sure Your Dog is Getting Enough Sleep

A dog needs about 12 hours of sleep per day. Like humans, the amount of sleep a dog gets contributes to its good health. So, having a comfortable, quiet place where your dog can sleep can help it to get the sleep it needs each day. Some people get a dog bed and put it in a laundry room or other place where there’s not much activity, so their dog can sleep without being disturbed. Make sure the area is free of noise and other distractions that can affect a dog’s sleep.

Lastly, following a few simple tips can help to keep your dog healthy and energetic throughout its life.