Foot Problems

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Foot problems are an issue for many people. For some, the pain and discomfort may be bad enough to create mobility issues. ZMost physicians will work to resolve the issue using different approaches and it’s not until those approaches have failed that a doctor will suggest surgery as an effective alternative.

Most people don’t consider bunions a serious condition. However, bunions can become so uncomfortable that they become extremely painful. This condition is called hallux valgus. This condition causes the cig toe to bend towards the other toes. This causes a painful deformity. In extreme conditions, a surgery called an osteotomy may be required. Although bunions seem to be a simple uncomplicated foot problem and definitely not pvd technology, the pain can be almost unbearable making surgery a viable option.

Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis is an extremely painful condition where fibrous tissue forms under the heel bone of the foot and spreads to the toe area. It is extremely painful that it can cause so much pain and sensitivity that walking becomes painful and difficult. It’s rare that surgery is ever required but when it does it’s a quick process that takes less than an hour.

Unfortunately, bunions can also cause hammertoes, which is a condition where the toes become clawed and bent. This is also a very painful condition. Wearing shoes can become extremely painful if the shoes put pressure on the painful areas of the foot. Surgery to treat this order consists of two approaches. The first approach involves removing the bent joint between the toe, while the second includes connecting the joints to create more stability. The fusion method would make it unwise to wear anything other than flat shoes.

There are many foot disorders that most would not classify as serious. However, the pain and discomfort can be so intense that the disorders become serious enough to make surgery a strong consideration. Many of these foot conditions can be worsened by weight gain and other normal occurrences in a person’s life making surgery not only a possibility but a recommendation. For most of these foot disorders, surgery is the last option and most physicians will suggest other methods for relief and correction of the problem before surgery, surgery is not completely ruled out.