Phenteramine for weight loss


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Unhealthy food habits in children and adults are the causes for weight gain. Once weight has been put on,It is difficult to lose it. It is even more difficult in children and causes many health issues. Science has made much advancement. One among them is using drugs to suppress ones hunger that would reduce the calorie intake & help to lose weight.

The most common drug used is Phentermine. It is used for a short period to suppress appetite along with diet and exercise to help burn calorie in people with BMI greater than 30. Also used to treat patients with health conditions like blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes for their weight management. Do not consume it until it is prescribed by your doctor.

Points to consider before starting Phentermine treatment:

Though side effects of Phentermine last for a short term, there are a few serious issues noted with some patients. Therefore, before starting Phentermine dose, it is important to know a few pointers in order to avoid severe problems.

Side effects of  Phentermine might have been caused due to improper diet, lack of exercise, not following the prescribed dose of Phentermine – either missing the dose or having an over dose. Avoid stress, lifting heavy work load and long drive, as these tablets may cause sleep problems and sore throat.

While taking Phentermine, restrict the use of inhibitors like phenelzine and selegiline. Precaution should also be taken not to consume any decongestants, high levels of caffeine products, cigarettes and alcohol. Use of these products may increase your pulse rate and may lead to risk. Avoiding these also yields quick results. Antidepressant drugs also should be avoided.

Most important, while buying this medicine from a pharmacy, ensure to check the expiry date and also check about it’s suitability to you. Do inform the pharmacist about any medical conditions, allergies or any other medications that you may be consuming currently. Do inform your doctor of any weight loss supplements that you might be taking.

Some reactions of Phentermine are upset stomach, problems with thinking, unusual behavior, hallucinations etc. This medicine may cause reaction after withdrawal, if taken for a long time which includes depression, tiredness etc. Phentermine also should not be consumed during pregnancy as it may harm the unborn baby. It should also not be consumed if you are breastfeeding. There are many websites sharing hundreds of before and after stories.

While taking hunger suppressant do remember that these are not indicated as planned diet. Therefore, they need to be accompanied by a proper diet plan which would be basically a low carbohydrate and protein rich diet along with exercise. Phentermine treatment does make you fit from fat. On the other hand, if you stop taking the pill, chances are that you may more likely regain your lost weight. As such, avoid using Phentermine or any drug as a weight loss treatment (unless prescribed by the doctors for patients with serious weight issues) and try to follow healthy food habits and a good life style. Substitute your hunger cravings with water, fruits or veggies that would increase your body’s metabolism, thus helping you to lose weight slowly but safely.