Gender inequality in science

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There’s a lot of discussion these days about issues of race and gender, and the ways in which these aspects of a person affect how they are treated in society. One of the most upsetting trends we’ve seen in recent years, since the advent of Donald Trump’s candidacy and election to the presidency, is the way in which blatant bigotry has replaced any sense of sensitivity as regards to race and gender.

Questions to Ask Today

Today everyone is coping with the feeling that we are seeing a decline in discourse in the United States (and the world, quite frankly) as far as these issues. We seem to have gone into a decline as far as making progress in keeping bigotry and insensitivity under control, and much of this has to stem from the fact that our elected leaders are now encouraging sexism and racism. It’s a discouraging trend, and one that requires great push back on the part of educators and other leaders in our culture.

Speaking Out

How can we put the word out to society about moving forward in a way that is positive for all types of people, regardless of whether they are a man or a woman, or whether they are black, white or brown? We need people who know better and who can lead us out of this dark place to speak out and speak their truth. A race and gender inequality speaker who can share new ideas about how to overcome divisions is someone who is extremely valuable right now. We also need people to write about these issues, in blogs, books, plays, speeches and any other form of communication that can get people’s attention.

Our culture needs to change, and come to a place where we can challenge everyone to live better lives, and share what’s good with those who need a real opportunity. We can do better, and if we work together, we will.