GoDaddy launches new website builder for small businesses

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GoDaddy launched a new website builder combining a mobile optimized website builder with an integrated set of marketing and e-commerce tools.

‘Easy to use and affordable, the new website builder enables a small business, to design a fully functional and professional website in just under an hour with no technical expertise, even using their smartphone,’ says GoDaddy.

Customers can choose from more than 1,500 ideas or industries with support from GoDaddy’s customer care to assist customers, as they build out their digital presence.

Small businesses perceive setting up a website and selling online to be complex and something that requires deep technical expertise, says a survey by the company. The tool allows to design a professional looking website by simply typing in their name and industry or an idea, and get a near-complete website.

Powered by algorithms and machine learning, the website builder helps customers with activity updates and ways to improve results and evolve their businesses throughout their lifecycles.

“GoDaddy’s new Website Builder is an innovative website building solution that is fundamentally changing the approach to website creation and is helping customers get noticed, reach larger audiences, and help drive sales,” said Andrew Low Ah Kee, Executive Vice President, GoDaddy International.

“In India, over 34 million small businesses are still offline as a result of the belief that they need technical expertise and not yet recognizing benefits of being visible online. The new site builder is designed to help small businesses in India create a professional online identity with ease, helping to grow their business online.”

Key highlights of the website builder

Responsive and easy to use, the tool enables anyone, from a restaurant owner or a home entrepreneur to a design beginner, to easily customize and update their sites on the go. The new website builder lets you publish the website with instant auto-SSL encryption ensuring easy setup process. The website builder surfaces insights and actions for the users to help them achieve their goals. For instance, upon logging in, customers receive engagement and activity updates to improve results in a dashboard view.

With online shoppers in India set to cross 100 million mark in 2017, the ability to be able to trade online is most important of any small business. The tool’s integrated Online Store includes everything needed to set up an ecommerce platform, with a focus on driving sales.

The site builder has features to enable small businesses to improve their Google search rankings. Social integration allows users to link their website to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, integrating social media capabilities into their marketing campaigns.

The new Website Builder is available in four different pricing options following a one month free trial: Personal – Rs 99/month; Business – Rs 479/month; Business Plus – Rs 679/month, and Online Store – Rs 999/month.