How to Apply Steel Coating

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There are various coatings that you can buy for steel. One of the most popular options is an anti corrosion coating for steel. The benefit is that it will allow the steel to be used in more environments without having to deal with corrosion. Applying the coating is done following a few simple steps.

Clean the Surface
The most important step with applying any kind of coding is to clean the surface. You want to make sure to get grease, dust, and oil off of the surface. If you do not do this efficiently, you run the risk of the coating not being able to adhere sufficiently. This means that you could be leaving the product vulnerable to corrosion.

Apply the Coating
Depending on the coating, you will be able to brush, dip, or spray it on to the steel. If the steel beam or other item is small enough, you may also be able to fill and drain it. Much of it will depend on the size as well as how easy it is to maneuver.

If you choose to spray the coating, you will want to make sure to use a 25 or 50% volume ratio so that you don’t experience cobweb in. Further, you want to use a low PSI.

Allow to Dry
Be sure that the wet surface has the opportunity to air dry. It’s best if you can allow the steel to dry in an area that is free of lint and dust. It will be the best chance for the coating to adhere properly.

You should always review the instructions that are on the specific product that you purchase. The longer you allow the coating to dry, the more you can be sure that it has fully cured. From there, you can use the steel in various environments without having to worry about corrosion.