How to Choose Quality Plants at a Nursery or Garden Centre

If you ever decide to start a garden in your home, then it is important to choose the right kind of plant from the local nursery, one that will thrive in your home. If you wish to get an annual plant, it will be covered in flowers throughout the summer, adding a splash of colour to your garden for the summer. In the nursery, you may feel like there are too many options or choices that are available to you. Therefore, here are a few tips that you can keep in mind while looking around for the perfect plant.

While in the nursery, remember that the biggest plant does not mean it will be the best one. A large plant will be more difficult to transport, and might suffer more shock from being transported from the pot to the garden soil. If you wish to grow a large plant, like a tree, ask for advice from the employees at the nursery as to which plant would work best in your garden.
While looking around for plants, keep your eyes peeled for any signs of disease or malnutrition. Look at the colour of the foliage – if it is turning yellow or bronze, then the plant is starved of nutrients, and will take longer to return to natural colour. Another sign to look out for is weed growth on the plant. A few weeds is expected, but if a weed is well established, then it becomes impossible to remove without damaging the plant. Make sure you avoid plants with weeds which have perennial root stocks, or weeds which are growing within the central crown of the plant.
Another thing to look out for is a plant that has been infested by a pest or a disease. This is because this plant is unhealthy, and can infect the rest of your garden as well. Keep an eye out for certain pests, or for damaged plants. For example, holes in the leaves, and orange ‘fluff’ under the leaves. Leaves that look burnt can be assign that the plant has not received enough water, or it could be the sign of a disease.
While shopping for plants, it is possible to get discounted prices on the plants. If you find a plant that is simply starved or not watered enough, but is young, then you can purchase this plant at a lower price and nurture it back to full health. Younger plants are always preferred, because they will adjust to garden soil quickly, and will last longer than older, more mature plants.

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