How to Earn a Living with

The world of internet offers plenty of opportunities for people having a passion for writing. If you are the one who is willing to earn money through your writing. Then is the best place for you.

Contentmart is a market place specially designed for freelancer writers looking who are searching for work. There are more than 10000 plus writers who are happily earning nearly 20k – 50k for their living through this online website.


May be you are wondering how to earn a living with Contentmart with content writing jobs. Then here it is.

Basic Requirements

One must need good writing skills and should have the knowledge of how Contentmart works. You must know English language and be able to write with proper grammar and punctuation. It provides an opportunity for content writers in Indiato add your native languages such as Hindi, Tamil etc. Complete your portfolio after signing in and it is mandatory to pass an English language test. It will increase the chances of winning the bid for freelancer writers in India.

Get started

Become a Verified writer, for that you need to pass three levels of English language test, add at least three samples of your writing and must complete minimum 10 orders with positive ratings. After that you need to write an essay which will be evaluated by the team of Contentmart as per your writing skills, grammar and usage of words. Verification provides a chance to get more orders into your bag.

How to place bids

For First time writers, it may be difficult to get chosen by the clients easily. So it is necessary to place the bid carefully. Read the order fully without skipping any detail. If you find you are eligible for the project, Place the bid proposal. As we know first impression is the best impression, keeping this in mind place the bid attractively and let them know why you are the best for the project. Place the amount reasonably depending on your writing skills.

Tip: For newcomers in web content copywriters, it is good to place bids with low price as you have no positive ratings and reviews. After completing few orders, you can bid with a higher price.

So you must start bid with low price as you have no positive ratings first time. When time will pass and you earn some positive ratings then you can bid with higher price.


Writing an article

Follow all the requirements the client mentioned in the proposal. Never and ever ditch a client after accepting their proposal. Show sincerity and dedication towards your writing and also with the deadline. Try to impress the client with your top notch writing as it will help to receive more work from the same client.

Never Submit the proposal without checking the plagiarism though you may not copied anything. But you have collected all the information from different sources.  Client has the right to reject the content if it is plagiarized.