How to fix a loose AC Adapter at home?

Want to boost the longevity of the battery of your laptop (or any other electronic device)? Then go for a power adapter! But, with time, power adapters undergo a considerable amount of wear and tear. They may reveal loose wires inside their sheathing. Now a loose power adapter is low on efficiency and hence, it would incapable to offer the needed quantity of electricity. But this article is going to disclose how fixing a loose AC adapter is a cakewalk. You can attempt it at your home. However, before you do that, here are a set of instructions to keep in mind. Ready?

1. As you plug the adapter into the wall, connect it to your electronic device. Then, pinch your fingers all along the length of the string. While you’re doing this, don’t forget to watch the LED light on the string. When you notice the light flashing, congratulate yourself for you have successfully located the loose wire.

2. After that, not only do you need to disconnect the power adapter from the device but also unplug it from the wall. Moving on to the next step, cut the power adapter with the help of a pair of pliers. But the question arises, where should you cut it? The cut should be in close proximity to the loose wire (which you have already found out).

3. Put a piece of heat shrink tubing on one end of each of the two halves.

4. Proceed by doing away with about an inch of insulation from both ends of the cut power adapter cord. It can be accomplish by a pair of wire strippers.

5. By now you have exposed the wires. So you can simply twist the bare wires belonging to one of the two halves of the power cord around the stripped wires of the second half. If there is a switching centre through the two ends of the adapter wire, make sure that you twist the two ends, thereby making the bond secure.

6. You’re going to need a soldering iron. Wait till it gets warm since a minute quantity of solder will secure the association all the more. Finally, when the area gets cooled – all you’re left to do is to wrap an electrical tape around the given part.

7. This part of the process necessitates heat shrink on the tape. In due course, you’re expected to heat it taking the aid of a hairdryer.

8. This is going to be the final stage of the whole process. Plug the adapter into the wall and connect it to your gadget, just like you have done in the beginning. You’ll need to pinch your fingers along the length of the rope only to watch the LED light all over again. If you come across no flashing, congratulate yourself for you have successfully repaired a loose AC adapter – that too, all by yourself. Kudos! Nevertheless, if the flashing persists – try having a look at the internal power source to your device. Happy troubleshooting fellas!