How to get maximum Discount through Online Shopping in India?

It is a well-known fact that money saved, is money earned. E-Commerce websites in India right now are not aiming to get profit out of the business, but survive in the market, which can only be done by increasing market share. To do that, they offer amazing deals, even if that lands them in huge losses. So till the time permits, you should loot what you can. There are some tips which needs to be followed to save some bucks.

First you have to understand, no matter how small or insignificant the purchase may seem, a little research would let you get a better price on the product or service. Research here does not mean that you would have to look for that product in each store and compare it, but there are simply many websites which compare the latest prices of that product for you. Through this you can get better and cheapest results and directly visit the product link in the website.

When you are thinking about online shopping not only products are sold, but services too are a part of it. There are many websites which offer discounts on a particular service. These services could have an offline presence like a spa service in your city, which is sold online through websites like little, are cheaper than their store price. Once you have shortlisted the website and the product, you can look for additional offers on that website. These offers might as well be advertised on the home screen of the website or you would have to search for it on third party websites.
Some websites accept coupon codes, with this code you can get a direct discount, a freebie, cashback, free shipping etc. There are many third party websites showing latest, valid and tested coupon codes. This is generally neglected while making a purchase, as in some of the websites, the coupon code bar does not show till the final page of order summary and is sometimes hidden, not making it easily noticeable. Further it is a headache to check their validity, but if a little step is taken, you can save a lot of money.
Many of the websites now offer cashback on a purchase, which can be directly into your bank, deducted from the order price or given as a virtual currency which can be used in that particular site only. When you get a cashback of the last kind, it is a bit tricky as it results in repeat sales for the website as you are inclined to use that money. Sometimes the earned cashback can only be used as a percentage of the original order amount, hence limiting its use. Thus a direct cashback is always preferred, unless you use that website quite often (For example Paytm).you
Particular E-Wallets and Cards of various banks have tie ups with such E-Commerce websites and these websites offer special discounts on use of these payment methods. Make sure you know of such offers, and if you do not have that particular card and the discount is big enough, you can ask your family members or your friends about it. Another way to get a thing in cheap could be setting price alerts. You can wait for the price of that product to fall and you would be given notification when it is an all time low. A good timing for purchase can save you from burning a hole in your pocket. Timing it close to a sale, or a festival like Diwali could be strategically good, but only when you can delay the purchase (Generally done while buying luxurious goods). The trick is to use all of the above mentioned offers without wasting much time to search for them, hence third party sites may do the drill.