How to Help Nonprofits

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Nonprofit organizations, also known as not for profits, are designed with a specific cause in mind. Most of the money made from their work is then funneled back into the organization itself, allowing it to continue operating and furthering its mission. Nonprofits are an integral part of society and it’s important to support these companies however possible. Whether seeking something in the arts, a sustainability-focused company, or anti trafficking organizations, here are some great ways to help local nonprofits.


First and foremost, this is the best way to help a nonprofit. Even those without extra financial resources can donate their time. Nonprofits are always looking for more volunteers: food kitchens need people to help physically process food, venues and arts organizations need all hands on deck for events, concerts, and shows, and environmentally-focused groups have outdoor cleanup days and garden activities galore.

Additionally, if time is also a scarce resource, there are other ways to volunteer, too. Sometimes, nonprofits will need space for gatherings or events. Volunteering available space (perhaps in an office building or home) can help a company immensely. Encouraging employees to attend nonprofit events or incentivizing volunteer involvement will help a nonprofit bottom line greatly. Small businesses and global corporations alike can help with these activities.


For those financially able to do so, the most obvious way to assist a local (or national) nonprofit is through financial assistance. Nonprofit organizations can truly always use more funding to further their mission. Many companies have a variety of ways to donate, too — for arts organizations that involve tickets, donations can be built into ticket purchases. Other places have fundraisers, while others have annual funds that welcome donations. Schools and educational institutions will offer ways to sponsor students or have name recognition through buildings or parts of campus. Whatever the specific passion may be, there is a nonprofit out there working to help that cause.