How To Make Good Sushi And Sashimi


Sushi is one of those exotic dishes that must be tried by any fish lover at least once in their lifetime. If you are someone who wants to try cooking sushi at home, you must be aware of the different fish and how they are used in making sushi. The dish in itself is very delicious and fun to make and can prove to be a hit if you are throwing a party amongst close friends and family at home.

If you are cooking sushi at home, you must be aware of the different types of sushi rolls that are present and the recipe. Sushi consists of fish placed in between rice to enhance the taste and give it a better texture. Spicy tuna roll, tempura roll, California roll etc are some of the examples of sushi rolls around the world that can be cooked at home. The shrimp sushi roll is generally cooked while the other two are eaten raw along with the rice.

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Another great dish that one can cook with fish at home is sashimi, which is just sushi without the rice. Generally sushi consists of the meat placed inside rice balls and then consumed while sashimi is the meat itself eaten by the consumer. The different types of sashimi include Ahi (tuna), Ebi (shrimp), Ikura (Salmon) etc. just to name a few.

Sashimi is preferred by those who love to eat the meat directly without having to mix it with rice. However, the spices and sauces that are used to make sashimi are similar to those that are used to cook sushi too.

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The condiments play an important role in deciding the taste and feel of the sashimi or the sushi that is being made. The condiments are mixed along with the rice or the meat that is cooked. Some of the more common condiments include egg, cucumber and avocado along with wasabi as well as ginger paste. Soy sauce is also a very important condiment that is used to cook sushi all over the world.

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