How to Protect Your Computer from Power Surges

Today, in the modern world, an urban person cannot even live a day without computer and Internet. The world is modernized, and all the sectors today, uses computer as an integral part of their everyday work. Now, computers are complicated machines, and has a lot of internal machineries that normal people are not acknowledged about. What normal people are acknowledged about it that it needs a constant supply of power, so that it can function properly. There are numerous integrated chips and silicon boards inside a computer system, and sometimes, when electric power surges happen, it can damage the hardware inside the computer system. Sometimes, this phenomenon of hardware damages due to the surges in electricity is called as ‘Frying of Computer System’, which means your computer won’t start at all. Now, with technological advancements, today, there are ways in which we can avoid the frying of our computers.

Now, the first thing that you need to do to avoid the situation is to buy a power strip. Power strip are generally things that you can plug your computer in to while you are working. The power strips come in with a surge protector, that is it will notify you whenever there is a power surge. These protectors are so designed that it can limit the load being given. Now, whenever it will see that the power coming through is exceeding the prescribed limit, it will switch off everything connected to it and safeguard the appliances. This power strip is something that you should always have connected to your computer to safeguard your machine. Do not damage your computer because you didn’t want to spend on a cheap surge protector.

If you are not happy with the safety that the power strip provides, there is another advantage when you are using power strips with your computer. Some of the power strips that you will get in the market comes in with an additional backup battery. These are better than the strips that only came with surge protectors, because it won’t let your computer turn off suddenly when the power turns off. These power strips generally give you some fifteen minutes back up time, to save all your work and shut down the machine in a systematic process. Even of the computer doesn’t feel the power surge, if it is turned off suddenly, and not in a systematic process, then there might be a hardware damage, and sometimes this sudden crashing of your system, may hook up some problems with your operating system. Therefore, get a power strip with surge protector and battery backup.

But, even if you use surge protectors and other stuffs, you need to make sure that if a storm is coming your way, you need to switch off your computer and unplug the cords from the power strip. You also need to keep in mind to back up your work from time to time from hard disk to replacement disks, because, technically, surge protectors and power strips may also fail, and it’s better to take precaution.

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