Ideal Time To Start Preparation For JEE Advanced

A number of students start their preparation for IIT-JEE Advanced from class 9th or earlier. They do so thinking they will surely crack the IIT entrance. But is this really the way? The answer is a big no. How can you start preparation for something when you even don’t know

You cannot start preparing for something when you even don’t know the meaning of it. The ideal time to start your preparation for JEE Main and JEE Advanced is when you complete almost 30-40% of class XI syllabus. If you’re serious about it and dedicated, two years is enough to crack JEE.

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Class IX basics are very very important for JEE.

What you read and study in class IX is very important for your IIT JEE preparation. You must be clear with your basics in order to understand class XI. Once you’re in class XI, the first three months you should revise the basic concepts or topics you were taught in 9th class. Topics like algebra, mechanics, and stoichiometry should be studied in great detail. For these, develop the habit of inquisition. Clear all your doubts so that mentally you feel confident tackling any concept.

Difficulty memorizing the lessons and formulae

Most of the students have this problem, but why do memorize them at all? Understand the derivations of formulae and apply the formulae to solving problems. Practice as much as you can and you will be able to recall them under any situation.

Remember that hard work pays!

Practice practice and more practice is the only key to get success in JEE Advanced. But yes practice in a planned way is very important. Here is a study plan for Class XI students.

JUNE TO OCTOBER: Mathematical concepts used in Physics, Basic mechanics, stoichiometry, general chemistry—-atomic structure, chemical bonding, periodic table, algebra—number theory, quadratic equations, progressions.
OCTOBER TO JANUARY: Complete Mechanics, waves, Physical Chemistry–equilibrium, heat, kinetics, thermochemistry, electrolysis, algebra —–induction, complex numbers, trigonometric.
JANUARY TO MAY: Heat, fluid mechanics, gravitation, Inorganic chemistry—properties and metallurgy of metals and non-metals, gas laws, analytic geometry, permutations and combinations, binomial theorem.
MAY TO AUGUST: Electrostatics and electricity, electrochemistry, solutions, solids, qualitative analysis, transition metals, differentiation, and integration.
AUGUST TO NOVEMBER: magnetism, optics, modern physics, organic chemistry, differential equations, probability, vectors.

It’s not necessary to spend the same amount of time on each and every topic. Selection of important topics is important if you want to get a high rank in JEE Advanced. There are a number of websites and android applications for IIT JEE preparation. You can take the help of experts to list out important topics for you on 100Marks.

Lots of topics in JEE are very easy and are of NCERT level. The key to topping JEE is to score in these topics. This will help you boost your rank. Many such topics require considerably less time. You should spend more time on these topics and try to score full marks in such topics. Few of these topics are:

MODERN PHYSICS AND ELECTRONICS : Most of the questions easy and similar to past JEE
WAVE OPTICS : Most of the questions are similar to past JEE questions
INORGANIC CHEMISTRY AND GENERAL CHEMISTRY : Most of the questions are of NCERT level and are simple.
SOLID STATE : Most of the questions are very easy.
PROBABILITY AND DIFFERENTIATION : Most of the questions are simple and NCERT level.
DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS : Most of the questions are similar to past JEE questions.