Making Health Your New Normal: Suggestions, Strategies, And Solutions

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Poor health is normative in many if not most cultures around the world. This is the case for many reasons, one of which is lack of knowledge regarding things like how to eat foods that promote vitality. Ongoing, unmitigated stress is another factor that leads millions and millions of people to experience poor health. Individuals who lack information regarding how to implement stress-busting strategies will likely find that their experience of anxiety severely compromises their level of mental and physical well-being. Irrespective of the specific lifestyle factors that cause an individual to experience poor health, there are multiple strategies that can deployed to get them on track to attaining higher levels of wellness. Here are three of them:

1. Find A Mindfulness Strategy That Works For You.

These days, the term “mindfulness” has become increasingly primary in multiple communities (including the fields of psychology and wellness). Mindfulness is all about becoming increasingly conscious of the thoughts that are continually running through your mind and subsequently developing strategies that will empower you to enhance and optimize your cognitive patterns. The end result of this work is greater levels of efficacy in multiple areas of life, higher self-esteem, enhanced immunity, and much more. The secret to success with mindfulness is figuring out which strategy will engender ongoing results and subsequently sticking to that strategy. While many people find that breath-based meditation is their vehicle to clear thinking and tranquility, others find this modality to be irritating, boring, or otherwise undesirable. Keep in mind that you may need to experiment with multiple mindfulness modalities for several weeks or months before you figure out which one will be most appropriate or advantageous for you.

2. Keep It Moving.

Another strategy that individuals should implement for the purpose of attaining optimal levels of health is regular engagement in exercise. Unfortunately, most people don’t work out regularly and thereby miss out on tons of wonderful health benefits that can help them operate more effectively in the world. Some of the key health benefits that you can attain by consistently exercising include an enhanced ability to fight off disease, clearer thinking, better posture, natural hormonal regulation, and an enhanced metabolism. If you’re ready to hop into the world of exercise yet don’t know how to begin, know that there are many strategies you can utilize to get the process going and growing. One is joining a local yoga community where you can practice asanas in a supportive environment populated by people who are serious about getting fit and having fun. If you’re an introvert or simply feel uncomfortable exercising with other people, think about whether hiring a personal trainer would be appropriate and advantageous for you!

3. Don’t Tolerate Your Own Addictions.

One of the reasons that people fail to get healthy is because they tolerate addiction. Unfortunately, many if not most cultures and communities have made it acceptable and relatively easy to become addicted to a wide range of services, products and illicit substances. This is just one of many reasons that many people feel little to no remorse about doing substantive, ongoing damage to their minds and bodies through the excessive use of prescription drugs or junk food consumption. Although addiction is normative, it’s important to recognize that tolerating yours will not enable you to attain the great level of health you’re seeking.

Luckily, there are many strategies you can deploy to overcome your addiction so that you can begin to enhance your level of mental and physical well-being. One is acknowledging the fact that you have an addiction and attaining assistance in a professional setting populated by industry experts who will provide you with the hands-on recovery services you’ll need to get better. If you’re currently addicted to an illicit substance, note that there are multiple inpatient drug rehab centers that you can enroll in to put the treatment process in full effect. Also be sure to ask yourself key questions such as What is inpatient drug rehab so that you can attain a clear understanding of the types of treatment services you’ll attain in this setting.


People who are serious about getting healthy should know that there are multiple strategies they can implement to make wellness happen. Three of them include finding the right mindfulness strategy, moving your body regularly, and ending all addictions. Implement some or all of these wellness techniques so you can begin the process of taking your mental and physical health to the next level.