Martin Lloyd Sanders discusses the Public Health Service

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Martin Lloyd Sanders is a brave and valiant Captain that protects his fellow countrymen and the Services. He is also an Officer of the US Public Health Services and Director of the Environmental Health Services Division for Occupational Health. His work ensures safety for all and the needs and protection of their health. Captain Martin Lloyd Sanders serves in a variety of health related roles all across the US, which help provide the wellbeing of workers and citizens alike.

Health care professionals such as Martin Lloyd Sanders will liaise and co-operate with other government agencies.

The history of the Commissioned Corps begins with the Marine Hospital Service that started in 1871. It was not until 1946 that responsibilities of the Corps spread to the whole of the US and the control and prevention of disease. By 1912 its name was changed to “Public Health Service” and its history and status became embedded into its naval roots. It is still one of the uniformed services that are not exactly military.

The two most important skills to get you into the Health Corps are education and licence. The Corps doesn’t take on recruits, they take on those who are already trained, educated and have been practicing their trade. Therefore they will employ dentists, physicians, social workers, registered nurses, psychologists, dieticians, pharmacists and psychiatrists.

They will employ year on year dependant on their need. The criteria to join include being under age 44, passing both physical and medical examinations. Your height, weight and medical history will also be considered. The Health Corps therefore, unlike the Military, is not something you can go into straight from school and work your way up. There are however a few ways to gain entrance if you have decided that this is where you would like to have your career. If you are already serving in the Military for example you can ask for a transition to the Health Service Corps and apply to be placed on one of their educational programs. There are 2 to choose from.

If you are a physical therapist there may be a position available for you on a doctoral program. Currently you would study for this at the Army base and also Baylor University, which is in Waco, Texas. The commissioned Corps would also seek health professionals through the interservice Physical Assistant Program. Civilians and students who are currently studying to be a medical professional of many descriptions such as nurse, physician, social worker, dietician, pharmacist, or doing studies in psychiatry or psychology can also apply, as part of their degree levels studies to serve as interns during school breaks. This is a very sought after position and will require you to apply early. Although you will not be paid as such you will however be given pay and points towards promotion and retirement which you can take with you after retirement. Also, you will have the experience which will be invaluable on your Curriculum Vitae.

Go, become the next great Health Professional , protect your country like Martin Lloyd Sanders.