Microsoft Hints at New Hinge Design for Surface Book 2

Microsoft Hints at New Hinge Design for Surface Book 2Microsoft entered into the laptop market by launching the Surface Book last October. Now, the company has teased the arrival of its successor on Instagram. The company has posted a photo a laptop with the caption “your key to success” on its official Surface account.

As per a report, the image is apparently a part of an elaborate ‘sizzler’ reel that was shown to the employees in July. The image shows the change in the hinge design the Surface Book 2 brings. The new laptop is said to get rid of the fulcrum hinges that join the display screen and the laptop. The photo shows that the ridges between the display and the keyboard have disappeared. The original Surface Book has a gap that is created by a fulcrum hinge between the display and the keyboard.

“I can confirm that the image posted (it’s not a photo) is from an internal Microsoft ‘sizzler’ reel meant to demonstrate some ideas for the new Surface Book 2. The video has recently been shown within Microsoft’s various departments and meetings starting in July, and multiple people can confirm seeing the video where this image originates. That lends credence to the idea that Microsoft is purposefully teasing the new Surface Book 2,” reports Windows Central’s Daniel Rubino.

If Microsoft is to hold on to tradition, then the company will look to host the launch event sometime in October to unveil the Surface Book 2. As for the original Surface Book, Microsoft launched it in 10 new markets in July. These include Australia, Austria, China, France, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. There is no word yet on when – and if – the Surface Book will ever launch in India.