Nokia 3310 (2017): Everything We Know


A style icon of its time also renowned for reliability, ease of use and durability, the Nokia 3310, first released in 2000, is back for 2017. It may closely resemble the original, but it has been given the latest mobile technology and updates.
The classic shape and simple layout of the original are still there, but the new 3310 is slightly larger, although it is slimmer making it easy to carry in a pocket. It is also lighter than the original. The new handset is available in four colours: gloss finish yellow or warm red, or matte finish grey or dark blue. Nokia claim the colour will not fade as it runs through the material rather than sits on top of it. The original push-button layout has been retained.
The display is through a 2.5” window with the same curved shape as the original’s face, but a larger display area. The screen is manufactured with a polarizing layer designed to make it easier to view in sunlight. The menu is easy to navigate, using the Nokia 30+ operating system with options for call logs, messages, contacts and calculator.
The new 3310 features a 2mp camera with an LED flash facility. While this cannot compete with the cameras of many handsets it is designed for ‘simple snaps’ and is in keeping with the simplicity of the whole concept. There is an MP3 player and FM radio with a stereo mini jack socket for headphones, and a voice recorder facility. Internal storage is of 16MB, but some of the pre-installed software will take up some of this. However, the memory can be increased up to 32GB by using a Micro SD card for which there is a slot. Connectivity is 2g for calls and texts. Connectivity is via Bluetooth 3.00 with SLAM or the Micro USB 2.0 port through which the phone is also charged. A basic web browser is included but as the phone operates on 2g it offers a basic surfing experience.
Snake, the original 3310 game, has been updated and is installed and ready to play. Fans of the retro classic will love revisiting it and the retro look and
feel may well be novelty enough to make it plenty of new fans. The new version of Snake is in full colour and although it has been updated the simple controls used offer a retro gaming experience.
The new 3310 is available in either single or dual SIM options.
Nokia claim up to 22 hours talk time and 31 days standby from a fully charged battery, which is a removable 1200mAh pack, an improvement upon the original 3310’s 900mAh battery.
The average UK price for the revived and revitalised 3310 is around £35-40. This places it firmly in the lower price range that will appeal to those who want a phone with a retro feel as a style icon or statement, or a second phone with some fun.
The iconic look of the original Nokia 3310 has been preserved with improvements purists will either approve of or tolerate as enough of the original character has been preserved to make the new version’s roots instantly recognisable. The 2017 model packs the features almost everyone expects these days: a camera, sound playback and recording facilities, Bluetooth and a web browser. Whilst the display is now in colour, facilities and performance are adequate but basic, but that may well appeal to those who have grown tired of the endless advances in modern mobile phone technology. The new 3310 also comes in attractive finishes and at a low price.

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