OnePlus 3 Fingerprint Sensor Faster Than iPhone 6s: Report

OnePlus 3 Fingerprint Sensor Faster Than iPhone 6s: ReportOnePlus 3 was launched this month, and the smartphone has received solid reviews. It is pitted against many flagships out there, and recently the smartphone was put up against Apple’s current offering iPhone 6s. OnePlus claimed that the fingerprint sensor on the OnePlus 3 is the fastest out there, and a YouTuber put that to test by pitting it against the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 6s.

The video was uploaded by British YouTuber Safwan Ahmedmia, and he conducted the test by switching the animations off on both the smartphones, and also while keeping the display turned on. In both cases, the OnePlus 3 unlocked visibly faster than the iPhone 6s.

The OnePlus 3 has the sensor behind a capacitive home button, while the iPhone 6s houses a physical home button on top of the sensor. The test was conducted almost four times, with the display off in two of the attempts, and in all cases the OnePlus 3 wins. The iPhone is known for its slow animations, and so Ahmedmia even switched off the animation, and even then the OnePlus 3 came out as a winner.

It is worthy to note, that Apple has reportedly slowed down its sensor deliberately after receiving complaints from users that they just weren’t able to see the notifications on the lock screen, bbecause the sensor was so fast. The TouchID sesnsor was so quick that it directly unlocked the iPhone, without allowing the users to just glance through the notifications on the lock screen.