Protect your Property by Fencing your Boundaries

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Fencing Factors: What to Watch Out for Before Building that Fence

Every home needs a fence, even those that are in safe neighborhoods. Fences don’t just keep unwelcomed guests out, but they also protect and keep things within the boundaries of your property — which makes it an essential feature for homes with children and dogs, preventing them from straying off too far into your backyard or on the road. However, adding a fence to your house isn’t just as easy as digging a hole and installing them, there are numerous factors for you to consider prior to having one built. That said, we’ll be taking a look at important things to watch out for before building that fence.

Know Your Boundaries

It goes without saying, but you should only build a fence within the bounds of your property. One of the most costly (and stressful) mistakes you can make is building a fence on your neighbor’s (or on public) property; imagine building a fence and finding out that you’ll need to remove it simply because you didn’t bother checking if it’s still within your property line. That said, it’s integral that you contact your local land surveyor in Park City, Utah to help you confirm where your property ends. This will also help you discover any irregularities and issues, such as your neighbor putting up a structure within your private property line.

Local Regulations

Next, visit your local government agency or unit concerned with construction and improvements within your property. Yes, it’s your property, but you need to abide by local regulations with regards to every improvement you put up in your home. There are specifications and requirements for you to follow in order to get a building permit to start and complete your fence. It’s also a good idea to notify your neighbors about your fencing project to prevent any disputes and also to give them a heads up about the noise when building.

Utility Lines

At this point, it may sound like you’ll have to go through a lot of trouble just to build a fence, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Before you start digging, you have to be aware of telecommunication lines and utility pipes running through the property. Without calling your local telecommunications, water, gas, and electric company, there’s a risk that you might hit a gas line or something similar when making the foundation of your fence. Not only would this cause major inconvenience to you (and possibly your neighbors) but can be a huge health and safety risk.

Rocks and Other Obstacles

A major obstacle in fence-building is huge rocks, trees (or tree stumps), and structures within your property that you may need to attach your fence to or need to devise a workaround on. Removing these obstacles is essential prior to building or designing your fence.

Safety and Style

Sure, a metal fence with spikes on top is a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and secure fencing design. However, you have to consider how safe it is to have such a design for your fence — it may deter trespassers, but could also injure pets and people, especially if it’s not that tall.

Climate and Fencing Material

Lastly, you’ll need to consider the climate in your area when choosing the right fencing material. If you’re living in a cold climate (i.e. one that experiences snow, ice, and frost), you’ll need a more cold-resistant and resilient material and design. Having concrete anchors or footers aid in protecting your fence and ensuring that they last long. Wood isn’t an ideal option as moisture can warp the material, and can cause irreparable damage when they expand upon getting frozen, which is why it’s good to use a metal post with your wooden fence to have it last longer.


Once you’re able to keep all these factors in mind when planning, designing and building your fence, you’re more likely to minimize any costly mistakes and ensure that your fence lasts as long as intended.

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