Put the Fun Back in the Family Road Trip

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The thought of driving anywhere makes most people cringe. They cannot imagine being cooped up in the car with the spouse and kids for hours on end. Before you purchase that next airline ticket, re-think the idea of a family road trip. It can be a great way to spend quality time together and make wonderful memories.

A Comfortable Vehicle

Many family road trips are destined for disaster from the start due to an inadequate vehicle. Packing everyone into a small compact car isn’t exactly fun for anyone. Think about who you are travelling with. How much room do you need? Renting a mini-van or large SUV could make all the difference in how comfortable your trip is. Consider any special needs as well. There are many vans for sale in Georgia that can accommodate wheelchairs such as those from R&R Mobility.

Food and Snacks

Hunger can cause everyone in your group to become grouchy. This can be easily avoided by stopping frequently for food. Don’t think that this means several expensive, unhealthy fast food stops. Pack a cooler with fruits, vegetables, and everything to make sandwiches with. Stop at state welcome centers, parks, or other area attractions along the way. This also gives you a chance to further explore the places you travel though as you head to your destination. Have a tote bag full of small snacks to tide you over between meal breaks.


Work several breaks in throughout your day. This allows everyone to get out of the vehicle and stretch their legs. You’ll be surprised how a quick ten minute stop can alleviate stiff and tired muscles. Combine these stops with your food breaks. Adults can relax at a picnic table and eat their lunch while the kids can burn off some pent up energy by running and playing. Don’t worry about whether they finish their meal. They can finish eating once you are back on the road.

Use these tips and tricks to make travelling by car easier for the entire family. A comfortable car, plenty of food and snacks, and time to stretch your legs can turn the family road trip into an exciting adventure that you will want to do again and again.